Mary Jane

It was scared seeing a blond girl of dark eyeglasses with average so great hair the smooth, clear skin, incrivelmente red lips and one piercing in the ear. – You are the Peter? – it smiled. Peter looked at for the window of its room and perceived that it was raining. It found odd the fact of it to be using dark eyeglasses, but it invited it to enter. – Yes You are – Mary Jane. Saw I you in the reception of the hotel and me he seemed familiar, then I decided to know it sweats name.

Peter was confused. That type of maniac made this? But it seemed a normal person. – Good, Mary Jane I do not know you. excuse. It laughed and botou the hair behind the ear. – He is strange, said something me that I was pra to come here to speak with you Peter was very confused still, but to this it left it girl curious. It had a positive energy, it seemed happy. – Mary, because you not strap these dark eyeglasses? It is raining, and we are inside of the hotel.

– Not. it is that I have certain – it looked at pra low – an anomaly in the eye, let us say thus. – I do not import myself, I am not to judge – Peter bent the mouth in a smile and took off the eyeglasses of the face of it. It withdrew, scared. That age much conhecidncia, was strange. The eyes of it were of different colors, as of the Amy. However of it they were brown dark and the other age a esverdeado honey. Mary Jane lowered the head, disappointed. – I found that you age not to judge Peter was myth scared to say some thing. It was there that it perceived that the smile of it also remembered to the one of the Amy.

Maickel Malamed

So that we tend a to mold our emotional expression to the canons socially accepted. As Maickel Malamed says: Part of the emotional handling has to do with molds the man thinks, the woman feels, the men do not cry, the sadness is bad, the fear is of cowards loses the emotion in a moral question and the morality is in the action, not in the feeling. But we were deceived when trying to put the emotions in a mold, and to label them like good or bad, positive or negative. The emotions are, simply, natural expressions of which express an internal reality, a necessity. They constitute a fixed component of our program of behavior. They are not optional. They are not possible simply to be disconnected. The emotion is energy that expresses a necessity.

The emotions inform to us into our needs, and in the expression of the emotions we took contact with our needs; but when I avoid to feel, when I repress my emotions when I let of listen to its voice -, I stop making contact with enemy with my needs, consequently I stop satisfying them. The emotions represent an information system and evaluation that informs to us into our reality, giving us an affective load. Of this form each emotion acts as, and all is right to be. The emotions offer the direction us that we required to act in each situation. The emotions give a right reference us than it happens to us in a while certain, and the suitable energy to act in each situation. Thus for example the rage informs to us that somebody has transferred our limits, the pain says to us that it has appeared a wound, the fear communicates our necessity to us of security, the pleasure helps us to take brings back to consciousness into which our needs are satisfied, the sadness whispers to us of the value of the lost thing, the frustration it express to us that we have needs nontaken care of objectives nonreached -, the impotence speaks to us of the lack of potential for the change, the confusion expresses to us that we are processing contradictory information.

Europe Reactors

When great accidents occur, usually they are the governments and the society that the responsibility of the remediation loads heavy, that in Chernobyl already reached estonteantes U$ 235 billion and still it is very far the recovery of the place. This accident, that liberated the least one hundred times more radiation that the launched atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nakasaki, had contaminated an area of the size of Switzerland, transformed the city of Pripyat in an inhospitable place and for more than condemned this region to the wild life 300 years. The ONU says that only after two years of studies and research it will be able to understand all the extension of what it was transferred in Fukushima. The great majority of enormous the nuclear plants demand volumes of water, mainly in the processes of cooling of reactors. Part of this water for times is poured in the oceans, having contaminated local biodiversity. In 2003 the Europe had an intense wave of heat for all, and France, Spain and Germany had had that to close or to reduce the production of some plants, face to the low water levels.

The existing nuclear plants must then completely be reevaluated the bases of the projects in all. To process to an ample revision of the security norms and to decree without mercy the descomissionamento of plant with unsafe technologies and/or useful life in ocaso. Specifically, it is needed to determine if these plants are in fact capable to support all the gamma of disasters that can affect them: technological imperfections, human beings, floods, earthquakes and until acts of terrorism. So that he has an expansion of the nuclear energy, the necessary public to restore the confidence in the nuclear industry. To believe that the operators of the nuclear reactors, are public or private, they adopt rigid standards of security. To trust the capacity of the regulators of the rules of the game to execute adequate supervision; to trust that in fact the technological capacity constructs reactors that surpass the vulnerabilities of the models oldest; that these suffer a rigorous process from relicenciamento.