Worldview Through Photoshop

Art must live. This is it makes our lives brighter, meaningful, colorful. And we're talking mainly about the design and the interior, rather than paintings, which often can be found only in a museum art. With us these 2 types of high got on together so well that they can set the pace of our lives and change the mood. Arouse the most gentle and warm memories, or vice versa – get to experience, reflect, in state, even banal saver on your desktop. Before our eyes, embodied art.

With the latest technology and advanced graphics editors people show a special look at the world, embodying in 3D-model of their experiences. Among the lessons of the past vector graphics formed community of contemporary artists. 3D graphics for them usually becomes the work itself, which is paid good money. And, you know: it's all wonderful. Or humanity to his last days must admire the classics: Picasso, Van Gogh, Malevich? Man wants to create, build, even if it is vector.

Important part of our lives becomes a forum about design. Increasingly, the advice we appeal to the participants of this virtual world, which are sometimes more aware of the particular model of vacuum cleaner than a shop assistant in a shop. It is here always there are news of art that are oriented designers from around the world in an ever-changing fashion trends, beyond a certain house designers. News, advertising is also an important part of contemporary artists, but only those who have devoted themselves to such motor trade. Exhibitions – probably the most important event in the life of the creator, because it was there, huge areas of rented rooms he can just see that the new has happened in the world. To meet his idol, and communicate with colleagues. Often the effect of pattern depends on the carvings on his brainchild has posted an artist or designer. Even more than the writing style, ie font, and no meaning. Someone seem more sophisticated printing fonts with different scrolls, someone likes the gothic style. Fancy fonts can help to create a special impression, and they paid attention. Download the script quite difficult.