Why Architects And Customers Do Not Like Each Other .

Designer complaints against customers. . Learn more on the subject from Clinton Family. All the time looks like a made from a neighbor and wants to repeat in his same. . Frequently asked opinions about the material, company, design decisions have a dozen friends, gets the most controversial and Sometimes, the negative feedback and then tortured by these doubts designer. . Find online negative feedback about the material, the firm, design techniques, and then it hurts a negative designer.

Undergoes a striking attachment to some things (the cuckoo clock, multilevel floors, drapes with tassels and dark toilets), who stubbornly wants to apply in any environment regardless of the overall stylistic solutions. . Extremely difficult rejects stereotypes (furniture should stand on the walls, and white glass poorly cleaned, the room should be a chandelier and T n) . When work began on the interior tends to fly all the most expensive and fashionable towards the end of repair trying to save all in a row. . Makes repairs as if going to live in the interior of at least another 50 years. .

Very happy to consider fashion magazines interior magazines, but it refuses to allow photographing its interior for publication. . In the course of works lit with new ideas and strives to implement them without fail within the already established the interior, if necessary, do it all.

Here are customer complaints against designers: . All time trying to implement in the interior of their fantasies, not the desire of the customer. . Often recommends only those materials firm, in which the technology commercially personally interested. . Finds on the Internet fundamentally new and still not really tested in our climate, materials and technology, and impose their customer. . Undergoes a striking attachment to the same stylistic decisions (clock, multilevel ceilings, curtains and French graphic wallpaper) that persistently imposed on all customers (sometimes see p.2) Not considered with the habits of the customer, creating an interior (the most common habits that do not want to leave, throw things at apartment, watch television or read while lying there in your bedroom or living room, constantly wipe all horizontal and vertical surfaces, be sure to wash in the bathroom, but not in the shower, cook at home) . At the beginning of the on the interior to give the customer as much time near the end of repair and in particular in the course of supervision, is rapidly losing interest in the object. . Make design as if the customer is ready to invest in it all their life savings During the last 10 years and future 10 years (on credit). . Very reluctant to discuss with the customer samples of interior design magazines, but he often uses ideas from there. . In the course of the work is very reluctant to admit their mistakes. Claims builders and finishers, as well as the seller-supplier (materials, equipment, furniture) to the customer and the designer make a separate layer of material culture and will be separately discussed in detail in our next release. We love you very much! No matter what. Because only together you can come to truly standing at home.