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Maas360 update offers users instant support of the new features of iOS6 Blue Bell, PA, September 13, 2012 fiber link, the leading provider of solutions for secure mobile device and application management from the cloud today announced that the successful product of MaS360 now the iPhone 5 and iOS will support 6. As soon as anticipated, the new model is released, MaS360 customers will have immediately new functions, to reliably manage these devices in the enterprise. Although often new devices on the market, it is easy to assume the new device from Apple with the new operating system the No. 1 among the cloud based mobile device management (MDM) for users of MaS360, solutions. ble%29’>Naveen Selvadurai by clicking through. Compatibility with iOS6 available, together with a wide range of new features is immediately available to all customers.

To get companies and employees tools and information, which will help them in the changing world of the mobility up-to-date to remain. This is a special plus compared to other MDM solutions that require a manual update of the server. “The cloud based conception of MaS360 allows us to keep pace with the changes in the world of mobility and to offer our customers an immediate integration. Thus we continue our proven tradition, to integrate new devices as one of the first providers in our MDM solution”, said Josh Lambert, senior product manager at Fiberlink. “Like at the most Apple new idea there are new features that are interesting for companies. Fiberlink can help its customers to check and evaluate.” So, Fiberlink introduces a current version of MDM solution once again as the first provider. Which is the first cloud based MDM system offers MaS360, features: integrated device, app -, document – and cost management support for smartphones, tablets and laptops from a single console support for Office 365 support by Apple iOS 5 support Windows phone 7.5 and support of the Kindle fire by Amazon on Thursday, September 27, 2012 Fiberlink offers a Webinar on the new features of iOS6 and their applications in companies.

For more information about this webinar, see this link: links.maas360.com/iPhone5andiOS6 about Fiberlink Fiberlink is the recognized leading provider of software-as-a-service-(SaS) solutions for secure enterprise mobile device and application management. The cloud based MaS360 platform enables IT organizations in the location, always an overview and control over the used mobile devices to keep their applications and content. Thus, proprietary data on Smartphones, tablets and laptops secure against unauthorized access can be protected. MaS360 collaborates with the common Smartphone operating systems like Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone, and was nominated by a wide margin as test winner in mobile device management solutions by network world. Fiberlink’s MaS360 is currently the management of more than a million devices in use worldwide. For more information, see:. This information is used to represent the general product planning by Fiberlink and is not intended for use as the basis for procurement decisions.