Waxing is a technique that aims to eliminate body hair. They are usually shave the eyebrows, underarms, back, breasts, thighs, knees, legs with this course will learn the criteria to be taken into account for the selection of depilation, types of wax that exist, retarders hair cosmetics and many other issues which both if you’re professional shaving as if you are a client, you will be very helpful to know. According to epilated area can choose a hair removal method or another:-face: it is advisable to use electric hair removal in areas such as the Chin, side of the face however, it is not advisable to epilate hair on this area with tongs or waxes since it would be strengthened; with the exception of the eyebrows and upper lip area. -Arms: whenever deemed appropriate it is best to discolor to wax. If you choose hair removal use wax hot and subsequently hair inhibitors. Another recommended system is the hair removal by infrared probe like the laser that emits a pure light of a only (monochrome) color that moves in a straight line and all its photons that make up light travel to the same address, it is very effective for removing hair attacking the hair follicle.

Ex: diode laser. -English: We will use for this zone depilation wax hot, electrical, laser and pulsed light. About hot wax we can say that it will produce a slight dilation of the follicle and hyperemia by facilitating the extraction of the hair. -Neck/breast: used electrical depilation. However we will never use wax; If there is no more remedy hair will be extracted with tweezers, since being a sensitive area should be more cautious.

In terms of the male chest, we’ll use hot wax hair is much thicker. -Legs: We use both warm wax, hot or cold. If you choose the warm wax we must take into account that if the hair is strong or hard will be less effective and more painful, the application will not be lasting.