Vista Building

In the idle state, the smoke screens are coiled on steel pipes (diameter 70 mm) in special galvanized sheet steel housings, which in turn were fitted in the false ceilings of the building and are virtually invisible to the untrained observer. The SmokeMaster aprons by Colt International have also sprung comfort slats in extruded aluminium. These strips provide a clean conclusion throughout the ceilings in contrast to commercially available rigid triangle accounts. Electric motors for driving the smoke screens are housed inside the roller arms. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts insists that this is the case. There should be a fire come or even in the case of a power outage so expires the following scenario: the apron roll off triggered by a fire alarm system automatically and moving at a speed of 15 m/sec via gravity into the desired working position.

Called the grafity-fail safe function”. The advantage: It comes from this system with standard cabling. Rolling depth of smoke screens amounts to 1.41 m responsible planning, reliable systems effective fire protection works only with an accurate timing and forward-looking planning. Is a fire is noticed in time, so a disaster scenario in motion can be used quickly, that will help save lives and protect property. Such a disaster scenario in practice really attacks, reliable technical systems are needed.

Automatic smoke aprons systems include such effective systems. Its functioning is basically simple: exactly balanced textile blinds make a continuous barrier of smoke in case of fire. Open spaces through which people from a building to the outside and fire fighters can quickly enter in the building into arise. Extended smoke screens are equally suited to smoke and combustion gases channel and direct. In the case of a fire, a smoke layer beneath an accumulates. At the bottom a smoke free, can the people stop or through which they largely safely left the building layer, however. Thanks to the foresight of building owner Pandion GmbH & co. KG and the responsible planners, as well as the uncompromising security technology from the home Colt international the privileged residents of the apartments in the Cologne Pandion can enjoy the unparalleled views of the Rhine and the city and the special attitude to life in one of the world’s most advanced urban residential double relaxing Vista. For optimal protection is given in case of necessity.