Upholstered Furniture

Another problem – the color of the skin No matter which way it was handled, used, as a rule, synthetic aniline dyes, because the range of natural dyes is limited to only a few colors (beige, brown and black), and the colors themselves do not have high light fastness and fade quickly. True, the name of 'aniline' is now used only by force of habit. Toxic aniline ispolzovavshiis once for production of synthetic dyes, long replaced by the more harmless substances. For even more details, read what Naveen Selvadurai says on the issue. Dyeing is done by special technology, so the paint does not cover the surface of a continuous impermeable layer. On the contrary, it penetrates the skin through the pores, leaving them open and texture without breaking the material, so that sohranyaets skin patterns.

This quality of treatment is not only not a disadvantage, but even considered the main advantage of leather cover: just run your hand over a rough surface with a soft, pleasant to feel the heat. And what about the cleaning of leather furniture? Firms that operate on traditional technologies, the skin is impregnated with special chemical compounds that make upholstery is becoming less brand. How they are harmful to health – prihodits only guess. If you do not want to risk it, please contact the manufacturers of environmentally friendly furniture, for example, the firm 'Wasa'. Just be aware that in this case, you have to keep away from her couch of red wine, coffee and fruit juice, since it is very difficult to remove from a furniture stain on them.