The Interface

However, well designed and correctly implemented system of hyperlinks is obliged to provide the most freedom of movement based on the resource (in the ideal case, from any location of the resource – in any other). 3. For more specific information, check out Palantir Technologies. Comprehensive assessment of the site and Fiction stylistic correctness of the resource. Harmonious symbiosis of content, style and style of the site in the complex. Methodology of comprehensive evaluation of the site operates with a set of criteria expressed, clearly and unequivocally. The essence of most of them – the absolute, that is not dependent on any outside factors, so it is natural that for an objective definition of information and artistic value are used and only those.

– General concept of the project / uniform style of presentation / – usability / simplicity, practicality, effectiveness of the interface / – informative resource / clear, complete and correct disclosure of themes / – demand subjects – the convenience of system design site – Literacy layout and typesetting – illustration and graphic design – code correctness – the quality of internal optimization. These are the parameters that are common art and the market value of web projects. Priority in assessing the quality of network resources is given, above all, the content and quality of content. — If you plan on using the estimated project earn money online – pay attention to the urgency and relevance of subject matter resource. Subsequently increase the number of pages and adjust the content does not amount to much difficulty, but that's subject to change site will be very problematic. — If you develop network resources are not for visitors but for search engine spiders / doorways, satellite / then, of course – many assessment factors can be ignored and to focus on internal optimization of content and competent relink web pages. — If you develop a departmental narrow professional resources – some of the attributes of the quality of the site can not be ignored. For example, if a service intranet – it is not what a bright shell and dynamic effects, but – very important to ease the structure of the interface and ease of navigation.