The Advantages Of Wooden Houses

If you decide to build a wooden house, then this article is for you. After all, the most important thing – to choose what material it is built. Next you will learn the basic advantages of wooden houses and why you should choose a tree, as basic material. Wood – a natural material that does not require special production costs. In addition, the fashion for products made of natural materials has always existed, but now, when the environment is contaminated, natural materials are becoming very popular.

Also, wooden houses have many useful properties that can not have a synthetic material. The most important thing – it's ventilation. Fibrous structure of wood facilitates entry of the "new" air. Adroll: the source for more info. Only one day is updated more than 30% of the volume of air in the room. Therefore, in the wooden houses so easy to breathe. The tree does not require any special finishes: it is itself beautiful. In wooden homes there is no draft, due to exactly abutting the logs.

Wood retains heat well and maintains a constant humidity. Undoubted advantage is that the wooden houses are light weight, and therefore not require a heavy foundation, which greatly affects the price of building a wooden house. It should also be noted that the seasonality of the construction of wooden houses is not important. These homes can be built in the freezing cold without special Technology can not be said about the houses of stone. Of course there are disadvantages of wooden houses, for example, fire, exposure to the atmosphere and biological factors (mold, blue). But such problems can be easily solve special chemicals to care for wooden houses. Now, let's weigh the pros and cons. Wooden houses environmentally friendly, samoventiliruemye, cheap to build. Negative qualities can be easy to fix. Thus, the choice is obvious. Wooden houses – a better option.