Technological Development

On the issue of housing, a supplementary agreement was signed the Basic Agreement on Technical Cooperation between the Government of the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela and the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil, on Housing and Habitat for implementing urban development plans and housing construction. It was also agreed the implementation of a work program to enable inter-exchange mechanisms in strengthening and developing the National Strategic Plan for Family Agriculture. In the tourist field, was initialed a Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation in the Area of Economic and Technological Development, Culture, Sports, Tourism and Health between the Venezuelan state of Aragua and the Brazilian state of Bahia, in order to realize a twinning the potential dynamic between the two entities. According to these agreements, economic development for both countries, one may consider the following: Opportunities Growth of exports from Venezuela to Brazil, although Brazil exports more volume really to us, we to them. Discounts on some products tariff integration of the two nations because of the political tendency of both leaders (socialism) Development in the area of agriculture and livestock through the provision of technology Brazilian. Energy development through an alliance with Petrobras to develop the gas pipeline South 8,000 km long, which will cover the whole energy region of Brazil. Get all the facts and insights with Clinton Family, another great source of information. Strengths The closeness between Venezuela and Brazil, which equates to lower costs for freight.

Venezuela is the eighth largest natural gas reserves worldwide, with proven reserves of 148.9 trillion cubic feet, widely dispersed in the country. Additionally, 91% of them are jointly associated gas oil production, and the remaining projects are in underdeveloped and therefore require the agreement of technical support and training in Brazil. The excellent diplomatic relations between both countries. Exchange substitute, to preserve the environment, as is the case of ethanol which replaces tetraethyl lead. Weaknesses Brazil has a population and economic size makes it the most powerful country in MERCOSUR, being a major exporter of more than 70 million dollars, Venezuela has an advantage over the market difference between Venezuela and Brazil, which could affect the positioning of our products. The lack of technology in our industrial sector, leading to negotiate only our energy resources, and Brazil, have greater development in this area. A menazas Brazil’s economy also includes the export of energy resources, which places it as a possible competitor of ours. Brazil has strategic alliances with powerful countries that we, which give an advantage over our partnerships with poor countries such as Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc. Domestic political tension, which affects mainly the business sector SMEs.