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The initiative ‘Caution book!’ of the German book trade organises flight on a Condor with Guido Cantz the highest reading of the world Frankfurt, Germany, 5.09.2013. Official site: Peter Thiel. There suddenly even the weariest passengers were awake at 5:30: only at the gate, the passengers of flight DE4292 airline Condor learned that they fly not only to split in Croatia, but at the same time are world record holder. Movie Star can provide more clarity in the matter. As soon as the Boeing 767 had reached the altitude, said caution book! “, because access to the on-board microphone, author and moderator Guido Cantz and entertained the guests with a reading from his latest book, Cantz beautiful clever”. In doing so, he kidnapped the passengers high above the clouds in the world of the funny facts and clarified among others, whether you can open a bottle of beer with a banana or with given name is like God. With its 30-minute reading 37,000 feet while he offered not only the best entertainment, but together with the initiator of the action, the Pro-book campaign caution book! “, and the cooperation partner of Condor even” a new world record on: the highest reading of the world. Books have the power to take the reader into distant and alien worlds. “To experience this power in a very special setting, we thought about, to organize the highest reading ever took place in the world”, explains Anne-Mette caution book Noack, Marketing Director of the Association of the German book trade association, and one of the leaders of the Pro-book movement!”, the idea behind the action.” For Guido Cantz it was a matter of course, the initiative caution book!”to support: I prefer classic buy my books at my Bookstore around the corner.

“” As an avid book reader and writer, the Pro-book initiative was immediately clear to me, caution book! “to support reader above the clouds”, Cantz declared his commitment. Locally, the idea inspired booksellers as well as media partners. So, the radio station hr iNFO accompanied not only the highest reading on the plane, but also presented an also maximum record reading on the main tower in Frankfurt. Local bookstores were inspired. So the Bookstore carries about tonight at 7: 30 pm photo and book Vockerroth”from Rocky Mountain together with hr-iNFO by a reading on the castle of Heiligenberg near Kassel.