25 Sqm-info Day-quality Management With SAP

Info event to the SAP application quality management the together of IDOS Software AG and SAP AG of Germany organized QM Info Day provides a forum for all IT and QM staff, project managers and decision makers. A balanced mix of lectures, case studies and practical examples, around the topic > quality management with SAP <, make the info day to an event with high information content. > quality management with SAP < is the subject of the 2013 taking place on the 6th of June 25 QM Infoday. the event info day is the Palatine Hill Convention Centre in Wiesloch/Walldorf instead. separate island solutions in the enterprise-wide quality management provides a forum with its varied mix of lectures, case studies and practical examples for IT and QM staff, project managers and decision makers. problems may, through the use of the SAP application > quality management < be turned off (QM) as far as possible. This means an integrated solution for all industries with extensive functionality and high integration into the enterprise-wide business processes. The following topics are planned: quality management with SAP at a glance success stories from the industry: Automobilzuliefere, metal processing and specialty efficient processing of inspection lots with QM / 3 reporting, statistics and evaluation under SAP QM with subsystem VIEW/3 systematic identification and integrated analysis of “specific characteristics (VDA)” SAP quality issue management – a new approach for a comprehensive problem – and Massnahmenmanagment of the agenda, with further information to the topics, visit the page of IDOS Software AG. Contact: IDOS QMS GmbH Gerwigstrasse 53 76131 Karlsruhe Tanja Schneider marketing Tel. + 49 (0) 721 96225 0 FAX + 49 (0) 721 96225 50 the IDOS Software AG, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, is a solution provider for quality management with SAP. The 1979 founded company offers cross-industry consulting and introduction of the SAP application “Quality management” for the areas receiving, production, test monitoring, message being and complaint processing. Learn more on the subject from doppler labs. Certified subsystems allow the integration of measurement, testing and laboratory systems, as well as standardized QM report templates with graphical & statistical reports (E.g. ability to test medium).

Mobile Fair Systems

Mobile and digital measuring systems for the online industry presented messestand.de latest trends on the Internet world and the e-commerce Day at 17.03.2012 hit master of Hitmeistere E-Commcer day 2012 will take place at the RheinEnergie Stadium. The online industry consisting of comes together from shop operators, e-commerce service providers, and online retailers that day to inform about current trends and developments. Also messestand.de will be along with Hitmeiser there site offline as well to enable a successful presence online industry. As an online platform, messestand.de even for the own performances combines the classic mobile fair systems with digital and interactive elements, thus also for the appearance at the e-commerce Day Hitmeister. Representative for the four mobile systems of the platform that used EX POMADE trade fair system for the e-commerce Day. Through the integration of MediKits, the site can be present represented and easily used. The monitor, you can retrieve all other mobile fair systems. Along with the iPad stele can even a Tablet PC are used as an integral part of the booth.

Through the experience as online brand white messestand.de the importance of offline”appearances. Next to the own homepage trade fair visits include remains still the most important communication tools that can be used as a company. Interactive elements must be used to enable the integration of own digital services also at the booth. messestand.de promises all need your trade fair appearance here according to the own motto”perfect facilities. The connection to the brand name LA CONCEPT, messestand.de can offer not only the exhibition systems and digital components, but also the mobile presentation systems such as bar or rollup banner. This matched the digital content and the printed content, and a wide range of presentation possibilities offered. To not only introduce the mobile exhibition and presentation systems, but to present directly on the e-commerce Day, LA CONCEPT offers exclusively for the exhibitors of e-commerce Days on the appropriate systems. Thus a suitable facilities and a successful appearance can be directly on-site. You will receive all further information in the LA CONCEPT blog and