Five Books

Moreover, he developed a technique and was able to pass it to future generations. For millennia, this technique is a secret passed from mouth to mouth. In secret, not because it hid from the extra eyes. On the contrary, people, opened the gates to the new reality of all efforts to impart their knowledge to other people. Clinton Family may find this interesting as well. But not everyone had enough desire to learn to give. But secretly she passed, because in this case word is a synonym for 'domestic'. Only pass through itself can understand this technique. After Adam continued to develop its first Abraham, then Moses and so on.

It so happened that other people were not ready understand that Adam was the first to realize, as their desires were not yet at all stages of development. In order not to lose the thread of Adam, his followers began to record their experiences in books. Normal people read these books as myths or historical records, without regard for the secret meaning, which pointed to the way the disclosure of the soul. One such book we are all well known. This is the Bible or the Five Books of Moses, which actually described the physical world is not body and soul. Read it as Moses wrote, can the unit. But today, humanity has passed all stages of their wishes and have realized that all our knowledge of the world do not give a full and objective picture of the universe. Trying to somehow fill this vacuum, people are looking for new forms of content.

The white light there are various fantastic ideas, such as life on other planets in the afterlife or in parallel worlds. But all this – just run away. Escape from suffering and pain that can not pay the usual way we know how. All these attempts will not bring the desired result. We need to stop and start looking for places where not looking for – within yourself, within your soul. World created by the Creator for a long time waiting for us. 02/03/2009

The System

Formulation of a positive goal will lead to sustainable results. 4. The goal should be environmentally friendly, ie its achievement should not spoil the lives of those around the client people, not to destroy the system of its relations with them. R. Bandler tells about a woman who as a result of counseling psychologist quit smoking, after which it abruptly began to deteriorate relations with her husband. It was found that smoking was in the family kind of ritual communion. Both of them were often busy, but when they wanted to smoke, they gathered together in the kitchen, and it was the perfect excuse to talk to each other. To make positive changes did not lead to negative consequences must be to take care of environmental results could be adjusted to the image of the desired result.

5. Finally, the stated goal must be to the client, not the object of his grandmother, friends, teachers, parents or counselors. The fourth stage of counseling is devoted to finding alternative solutions. The fact that the cause of almost all psychological problems – the lack of behavioral flexibility. As a rule, a person can not resolve a problem situation because it does not have the choice of the required number of solutions.

Psychologists call it "tunnel vision syndrome." Man looks at the problem through the prism of one output, as a rule, ineffective. Expand the scope of view of the problem, to help people find a lot of options out of the problem situation and choose the best – the task of a psychologist at this point. And finally, fifth, final stage of psychological consultation – a compilation of information and preparation of the client to move from intention to action. Sometimes it happens that the person receiving counseling psychologist, knows what to do, but for one reason or another does nothing.