Porsche LCMS

Visit FKC on the Swiss professional learning of the 13th 14th April 2010 in Zurich minimum cost maximum learning success! E-learning is now one of the integral components of occupational education and training. The process of creating high-quality tutorials provides those responsible on the customer side but often personal and temporal challenges. For more information see this site: financial technology. An efficient tool of production makes a significant contribution to conserving resources. Avoid delays or project crashes! Implement Advanced E-learning projects with ease! The FKC Nomoweb LCMS economically, quality assured and multilingual creates and manages E-learning content. The LCMS all stakeholders helps create and maintain extensive WBTs through effective mechanisms for the rationalisation and automation. It is also excellent for use in multilingual productions. On the Swiss professional learning, you can convince yourself of our offer. The lecture gives an insight into our work of our “Managing Director Guy Fischer E-learning solution: modern, system-based and efficient production” in the practice Forum on April 14th, 2010 at 16:20.

He shows how with the FKC Nomoweb LCMS extensive WBT projects conserving and quickly produced. FKC has implemented more than 300 projects with the FKC LCMS Nomoweb. Customers include among other things the leading gas and engineering company Linde Group, Siemens AG, as well as the automakers Porsche and BMW. At our fair stand K08 we inform you personally about our services. If you want to make an appointment beforehand, to contact Mr Richard Schuberth number 0049 (0) 89-95 84 34 89 or by E-Mail:

Beach Disco

So car manufacturers and radio inspire their customers what would be the automotive industry without new car models? Boring. To make the hearts of the potential buyer, new models are regularly needed that big will be announced. All companies can be to embrace this principle. But permanently to inspire customers, it applies throughout the year to present innovative products and other innovations system. Only that strengthens customer loyalty and leads to new sales. technology investor is often quoted on this topic.

Also radio stations have realised that they can tie their audience with good music and rousing speakers. But stirring enthusiasm, they must grow beyond regularly himself. They use a wide range of specially created comic book series about audience participation actions to events locally such as tank vouchers or Beach Disco. Follow others, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, and add to your knowledge base. And the numbers give you right: who offers something new in addition to the usual, increases his listeners flock and thereby increasing customer loyalty. A look at different Industries shows that even here innovations are used to arouse emotions and to inspire customers.

What would be the automotive industry without new car models? the world of fashion, without the major fashion shows in the cities? Cinema without new films? Customer enthusiasm can both reinforce customer loyalty and generate new revenue. If you want to delight your customers with the help of innovations, you can work with four principles: 1 the editorial principle parts in units between three and six weeks of the year a. Create a topic map and assign these themes to the units. Plan ten to twelve topics that fit as possible to the respective season. With each topic, present a special problem-solving of your House and thereby highlight the benefits for the customers. In this way, you have a timetable when you want to imagine what innovation on what topic. You can promote your customer loyalty and year-round an interesting program offer to your customers.

Hydraulic System

With the right hydraulic service is possible every entrepreneur who performs high-quality machines or presses in his company, knows the disaster to the installation of a corresponding hydraulic system. Even more beautiful is focused not only on the maintenance, repair, and maintenance of hydraulic system the company hydro bar with its hydraulic service, but also the complete organization of the hydraulic system within the installation offers. In this context, take over the service technician all planning, from A to Z, schedule, organize them, and are also available for the maintenance of the hydraulic system available. In this manner the entrepreneurs supported accordingly, as this results in operational and secure for employees machines including hydraulic system and there are no temporal failures. Of course know the service technicians with a variety of materials and spare parts and other accessories. So the hydraulic service is up also, when times available Hydraulic filter must be replaced. As well, the hydraulic service offers the commissioning of hydraulic pumps, accumulators, hydraulic valves and many more. On the website of the company hydro bar on, interested entrepreneurs will find more and in particular detailed information on the hydraulic service.

In addition, the company offers an online shop, where the various accessories and spare parts, etc. can be purchased. Only well-known brands, such as MAHLE, Olaer or HYDAC also offered there. There is even a special customer service at hydrobar.de, which also offers service from A to Z for HYDAC. Entrepreneurs, who secured their hydraulic system so well”and want to see maintained, can easily and quickly the hydraulic service or the HYDAC Customer Center contact, to be always up to date.