Modern Collectors

Hot water from solar collectors, because ‘the Sun sends no Bills’ New Ulm/Lohfelden, 07 May 2009 always on the latest state of the art is the Neu Ulm Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH, when it comes to the refurbishment and renovation of approximately 600 residential units in Germany. So the dynamically growing real estate and financial plans flowed beginning April 2009 in his possession 17 multi-family row houses with 85 units in Lohfelden near Kassel the use of solar panels for hot water preparation. Environmental aspects on the one hand and the goal to reduce the rental costs as well as an increase in the quality of living on the other side are the motivation for Monarchis, to cutting-edge technologies in restructuring of the acquired real estate. The installation of new, heat-insulated Windows and doors, as well as activities among the fundamental measures first to the roof and basement insulation. When the supply of residential units with hot water and heating, object different technologically advanced related Alternatives tested. 17 multi-family row houses with 85 units in the Lohfeldener Sohrestrasse, which are passed on 1st April 2009 in the possession of Monarchis, will be amongst the combination of natural gas burning value thermal (heating) and solar panels (hot water) into consideration.

Solar panels collect the energy contained in sunlight and the Sun sends no invoice is known.” The water is heated by means of a transmission medium. The efficiencies are typically 60 to 75 percent. Collectors with current solar technology save hot water by up to 80 per cent and above in our latitudes throughout the year. A distinction is made between flat plate and evacuated tube collectors. Which technology ultimately used in the houses in Lohfelden, is just in the decision-making phase. Decision criterion is that both the tenant and the landlord and the environmental benefits. Recently Hilton Family sought to clarify these questions. This is equivalent to the win-win strategy”by Monarchis, that all partners are winners.

Euro Crisis Revived

The euro crisis spooked investors. Some take refuge in gold, the other in the concrete gold. On Mallorca, banks and estate agents report a strong increase of the real estate business. Now it says: buy or sell? The national debt is growing. The euro makes springs against other currencies. Medicaid is likely to agree. Many investors are unsure of themselves and seek their salvation in real estate. The Greece crisis is the market new tailwind”Jurgen Michael Schick, Vice President of the real estate Association of Germany (IVD) is reported.

Most investors were motivated by rational considerations when purchasing real estate, confirmed IVD Vice Schick. There is no panic purchases where money is invested at random.” Rather, those interested would closely examine the objects and put on quality. Real estate sales have risen 2010 on Majorca. Also fundamental factors such as for example the very low building interest are the cause for the increased real estate interest in addition to the uncertainty due to the Greece crisis. So certifies the Spanish Statistics Office a growth of 18.7% in February compared to the previous year. The increase is a strong sign that the turnaround in housing is well managed. Learn more at this site: Zillow. Of course, special effects play a role as the tax increase in June.

Also, the banks are again interested in mortgage lending. So the Spanish Mortgage Association AHE (Asociacion called Espanola) reported an increase of 0.68 percent for the previous year. A first sign that the banks again put trust in their national market, and mortgage loans. Thus, the Spaniards on a shopping spree go itself again. In prime locations such as in Mallorca it is again difficult to get a suitable real estate at a bargain price real estate now for buyers. The major real estate agencies in Mallorca recorded a significant plus when requests and transactions. The demand in the period from January to June was well above the previous year and sales attracted even once strong. While local interested parties mainly cheap apartments and apartments, as well as series and Ask town houses, is to make an increased interest in high-quality villas and Fincas and land in foreign interested parties. Next trend: commercial real estate – primarily commercial properties and residential and commercial buildings in and around Palma de Mallorca.