Teodulo Lopez Melendez

Elinor Ostrom, the sign of the times Teodulo Lopez Melendez you may remember my continuous affirmation the primacy of economics over politics has been one of the causes of most of the ills that have originated in modernity as it applies to the social impoverishment. I have thus claimed that politics must regain its primacy over policy and pointed out that this is one of the desirable characteristics to the global world in birth. The fact that a political scientist win the Nobel Prize in economics indicates, I believe, a sign of this reordering of priorities. It might also be called Dr. Ostrom a socieconomista, because it is valid now talk of science which are interwoven and form new specialties. The economy may not be where the social is diluted in the macroeconomic or where systems are not prioritized to the true man, being a cold science object from any political action.

In case outside little, Elinor Ostrom has been devoted to institutional diversity, action collectively, the land use and the theory of public action, among other topics where has laid a real school. Peter Thiel often says this. The Nobel win by his demonstrations of how common property can be managed effectively by a group of users. In other words, Ostrom deviates from classical economics. His work has influenced biologists, considerations relating to ecosystems and the development of the thesis of what has been called Commons. A simplistic vision of economic systems never took into account the immense opportunity to existing between the market and the interventionist policies of the centralist States. The Commons is the construction of individuals and groups that generate wealth in new forms of property and with mechanisms which differ from mere capitalism.

Time Record

If you’re a man and you want to recover a couple immediately, then perhaps you will have to do some things that you’ve never done before. They say that love makes people do things that they never thought they were going to do, because this is exactly the situation. If you want to have your wife in your arms again, then get ready to forget about your male image. It is time to soften your character a little. To be able to recover to your ex, you must be at least a little bit in touch with your feminine side. If you’ve been accustomed to making decisions based on what he says your head, it’s time to learn to listen to your heart, at least for a brief moment. Women are emotional beings, in order to understand them is necessary to get in touch with your own emotions.

Remember that you have to do to get a woman is to be more emotional than usual, but do not be controlled by them. There is a difference between those two things. When you’re emotional, you say what your heart wants to say. Don’t let your mind take control and limit what they can say. Your wife is going to feel what you always say and when you are honest. You recuperaras to your ex if you are sincere when you talk about your emotions.

You will you connect with your former partner on a deeper level, which is the key to attract any woman, whether or not your former partner. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again.

Economics Information

Through them we get tons of information waiting to be converted into knowledge. This is the key of that great power, know process and apply this information. However with the advent of social media data that shows that this great access to interactive communication is the growth of social networks if Facebook were a country, would be the fifth most populous country in the world.This statement suggests the great importance of these new means of communication and the great need for human beings to be communicated, to be heard. Also according to statistics at the global level 70% of young people aged 18 to 30 are watching TV over the internet and Google’s search engine is the most visited place in the world. Adding to as indicated, the development of social media is creating a new branch of Economics, called the attention economy, which requires a relevant, transcendent and necessary content for your users, the only way to capture the attention in this new maelstrom of tell us multiple things at once. However this very hyper, also came with a series of dangers that can complicate the privacy and the habits of millions of people. This indicated more is having the open mind and great common sense to see what we can publish and with whom we share information; also be very careful to publish photos, personal profiles, as well as confidential data.

Personally I think that the wonder of the internet, is much more than social networks and if we make smart use of this great tool of the Millennium, we can go far. For all the above and what every day we see and share, undeniable is the great importance and the big changes that are achieving new ICT s on the lives of millions of human beings. This great dream of reach to many at the same time and in different parts of the world is a reality. Now we are all connected 24 hours a day. However it is also true that this great power of connectivity, only goes to some sectors of society, again creating two large groups of human beings: those who have access to this great highway of the hyper and those who do not have access to it and continue to live on the fringes of these new changes.

This great challenge of opening the doors to this great waterway to all human beings, is in the hands of those who govern us. They have the power to make it possible that all voices are heard, that all the eyes read and all the men and women of this planet we are voluntarily active part of this new and fascinating world of interactive communication. Only thus the advantages of this globalised society will be welcome and transcendent for humanity. And on the other hand the mass media will have to make great effort to give us information more relevant, less violent and useful to capture our attention and time as I said my single mother seeding knowledge in every child, we will be doing the big change in our society now Luckily we have all the tools, perhaps a form of achieving it is beginning to connect with ourselves and with those who need it most.