Happy Year 1991

Primal Scream unfolds in the FIB, 20 years later, their Screamadelica, point of the spear of a prodigious year for music. Something strange happens when history inaugurates a new decade. The world is put in war and the bands produce discs that redefine music. It happened in 2001 with the attack of the Twin Towers and appearance of the best thing of The Strokes or White Stripes. And it had happened already in 1991, when the USA invaded Iraq to the rate of the Nevermind de Nirvana, the Loveless de My Bloody Valentine, the Blue Lines de Massive Attack and the impressive Screamadelica de Primal Scream. 20 years of that one are marked, and these last ones arrived yesterday at Benicssim to touch complete that discazo that revolutionized the rock it fused and it with the dance music. Last night, half festival took to the mythical t-shirt with the cover of the album designed by the artist Paul Cannell. Source of the news: : Happy year 1991!.

Digital Forum

The expert lawyer in intellectual property went to a conference, during which he created, with the collaboration of users of Twitter, twenty pages of connections. Naveen Selvadurai helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It assured that it was demonstrated the inefficiency of the law, since pages of connections to unloadings at more speed of the one can be created than they are closed. The term ' #tablasinde' he was ' trending topic' world-wide. The objective: to demonstrate to film directors " the uselessness of law Sinde ". Brave David lawyer, specialized in intellectual property has revolutionized Twitter and Internet with an experiment to which he called #tablasinde and that culminated with his char it in a conference in III the Audio-visual Digital Forum of the Festival of San Sebastin. Everything began east Thursday in the morning, when the lawyer asked through Twitter that their followers were kind to the term #tablasinde and one hour, the four of afternoon. Immediately the sense of expectancy caused that the term ran like the powder. Shortly before the hour, Brave David revealed the object of the experiment: It was going to participate in a conference of a cinema festival and wanted to demonstrate in front of the people of the industry that the law Sinde is not effective, that " not only she is not illegal, but he is intil".

How to do it? At the beginning of the conference, while their table companions spoke and he hoped his turn to take part, the lawyer created ten documents of Google Docs of free access, in which there was a table so that the users wrote in her the titles and the connections of the films that they preferred. , Ten pages of connections, really right what the Law Sinde persecutes, that allows to make agile the closing of this type of Webs. The users of Twitter turned upside down immediately with the initiative, so that in few minutes the documents created by Brave David are colapsaban.