Guitar Chords

The diagrams of guitar chords are essential for all the guitarists of all the levels to learn to touch new and exciting chords. To learn in agreement with the new diagrams of chords not only is simple and direct, but also aid to visualize the forms of the cord of the guitar. You can use these techniques to improve Christian chords. That it is a diagram of chords? An agreed one is essentially rectangular a square diagram/in the form of grilla, of 6 verticallines that correspond to the 6 cords of the guitar and a series of horizontal lines that represent the frets in the neck. But concretely, the left but low verticalline is or 6? cord and the verticalline but high is the 1? chain of and or the guitar. The rest of the lines, obvious, corresponds to the means chains.

The horizontal line but above corresponds to the nut of the guitar, whereas there is after the lines correspond to the 1? fret, 2? fret, to 3er fret, etc. Are generally 4 of 5 horizontal lines, but sometimes it can see but, if the agreed one is exceptionally great and it requires that the left hand extends. Therefore, a diagram of agreed is essentially only a graphic representation of the guitar. Like reading a diagram of chords? By means of the addition of points and other marks it draws into squares in it empty, we have information exceeds where to place the fingers on the cords. For example, as or the left but vertical cord under line and or 6 has been discussed? cord, a? accepting a point between the 1? and 2? horizontal lines (that represent the nut and the 1? fret) in this chain, that indicates the place to our finger between the nut and the 1 of fret in the Low and chain, or but easy to describe like the reproduction of the 1? fret.