Organization Training

One of the weaknesses of the labour market in our country is the low level of training of workers, but also entrepreneurs. We have one of the highest school failure rates in the developed world. A related site: Brad Pitt mentions similar findings. Good portion of young people who not culminated her studies during the years of bonanza were incorporated into the labour market in jobs that required little skill and wound by the crisis now, have been the first to swell the queues of the employment offices. In the sector of electrical appliances, some little responsible for technical services, the so-called pirate, nurtured, to save costs, of unprepared persons who, before going to the strike, ultimately discredit to their companies and, incidentally, almost the entire sector. Fagor has always been aware that good training is the base to offer a good service, customer satisfaction, transmit prestige in their brands and, incidentally, win the trust of users many times, perhaps too many, they were chastened with previous experiences of services shortly professionals. Fagor service carries muchosanos taking care of the constant updating of knowledge and it shows in the level of services, the loyalty of their customers and quality indicators. Maintaining a constantly updated training requires a great effort, but in a changing, hard and competitive environment, the preparation, training and its correct application to the daily work is a fundamental requirement in order to develop a profession or a business project with guarantees. For that reason the service of Fagor has launched project career.

This is the culmination of a major project, a goal long-worked throughout the Organization: having a staff of 700 technicians perfectly trained and accredited to be able to display the network more efficient and qualified market. And also, why not say it, so that all technicians of the organization know in Fagor SAT they may develop an intense, exciting and future career. Future in the professional career, but also for the SAT centers.

Person Influence

The authority is present at the moment that is accepted or legitimate power exercised without the use required of present in power as such retaliation them influence taking into account when the person accepts the influence having clear that is an own must meet the demands established by who in that moment. The fact, that each one of them, having been differentiated must then determine the extent of the influence, which carries implicit persuasion, involving at the same time that some aspects have been considered to give step that you act in pro of knowing positively influencing what aspects for example, must be considered? We are some as: clear aim at the influence, what they sought with her, has been where you want a give action. What stimuli used so that its effect is achieved, step who persuades them and influences really feel identified, committed to act. Know well people you want to influence, determine their needs, interests, behavior, personality. Operate on the unconscious to convince, i.e. thought points out, winning options. com, knowing how to control the process of thinking of a person to obtain their consent, without even appearing that is trying to persuade her. How misleading behaviors in undetectable manner through the use of some of the most powerful patterns of hypnotic language use words that persuade, that produce a powerful impact on those people who tries to persuade.

Talk about what they want, and teach you how to get how to get it from how can show the other person that she is important to you? How do you know that he accepts it, respect it, and appreciates it?.Learn how to discover the values, feelings and the other person’s most precious thoughts to guide it, encourage it, and convince her conclusions is important to stop at knowing and know apply what influence can generate in pro of achievements, not only in individual benefits but in all who participate. Use the properly in such a way that their results are positive, that give step to impact they indicate the importance, its reach when it is required. You can as someone says in this regard, that you can make use of his influence, contributing their knowledge about the way of thinking and feeling of each person to submit their ideas and proposals in the most seductive and attractive way. Simply cannot neglect it.