Professional Football League

EP main sports radios have gathered this Thursday. They ensure that they will not pay any type of canon by relay. The best known voices of the Spanish sports radio have been staged on Thursday in an act his drive against the conflict that keep with the Professional Football League and have ensured that they will remain adamant in their refusal to pay the fee demanded by the League to broadcast live matches from the stadium. Thus, Paco Gonzalez, by the Cope, Jose Luis Abellan, on point Radio, Manu Carreno, by Cadena Ser, Chema Abad, RNE, Fernando Perez, Canal Sur, among others, gathered in the Press Association’s the press of Madrid to reiterate the position of the radios in this conflict. In addition, Manu Carreno has denounced the threats that are suffering some football clubs who are opposed to the position of the League and want to let to radios. In this sense, has ensured that the Professional Football League has told clubs that it will impose a fine of 660,000 euros to the of the League and two million euros to the La Liga which let to radios in the stadium. Source of the news: the radios show “inflexible” following the demand of a canon of the LFP

AOL Instant

/ EP the number of users of such services will triple in five years. Applications like WhatsApp are getting a major boost by the growing number of smart phones and the lowering of data packets. The development of high-speed mobile networks is also helping. A new study says that the number of users that will use instant messaging through mobile will surpass 1.3 billion by 2016, i.e., the number of users will triple in five years. This figure will be boosted by the arrival of new services, such as iMessage of Apple, and the continued growth of existing services such as AIM from AOL, Blackberry Messenger, Microsoft Windows Live, Skype, Messenger or the multi-platform WhatsApp.

The Mobile Messaging study whitepaper, by Juniper Research communications industry analyst company, ensures that the release of these free mobile instant messaging services has been facilitated by the growing number of smart phones, the low cost of data packets and the development of high-speed mobile networks. However, the report points out that although the users of these services will continue to grow, im not able to compete with SMS as a primary means of communication from text in mobile phones. The author of the study, Daniel Ashdown ensures that the traditional SMS has a clear advantage over instant messaging services. With an SMS, I know that I can reach almost any phone in the world, if I have your number, while that with instant messaging services, the market is fragmented by the different services that cannot communicate with each other, says Ashdown. The traditional SMS will generate profits exceeding 70,000 billion dollars (48.622 million euros) for the year 2016. However, despite these findings, SMS revenues suffered in 2010 some of the biggest cuts in its history. In addition, the penetration of smart phones is increasing, the number of instant messaging applications continues to grow and expand, and social networks also tend to replace short text in contexts such as congratulations for birthdays or Christmas messages. On the other hand, the report points out that e-mail on mobile devices will also see growth as users gain more smart phones. Where Yes is expected to an extinction is in the case of the already little used MMS, that will disappear slowly because, according to the study, there will be much easy ways to share multimedia content. Source of the news: mobile instant messaging is triggered, SMS at risk?