Salad Fresh

However, the salad is very popular among the local Aboriginal people. None of the recipes a decent edition of the cooking you will not find a salad "Olivier". The fact that the recipe for this 'Oliver' as anyone unknown. Its author, as already stated above, took the recipe for a salad with him to the grave. But since were known to some of the ingredients, you believe that in 1904 managed to play more or less true recipe lettuce. That's it.

To 6 servings. 2 grouse, veal tongue, a quarter pound of pressed caviar, half-pound of fresh salad, 25 pieces of boiled crawfish, polbanki pickles, soy-polbanki Kobulov, 2 fresh cucumbers, quarter pound of capers, 5 hard-boiled eggs. For the sauce: mayonnaise 'Provence' must be prepared in French vinegar 2 eggs and 1 pound of olive (olive) oil. (According to the Internet.) Philistine Salad Recipe 'Olivier'. To 6 servings. 2.3 carrots, 2-3 onions, 1 sweet and sour or sweet apple, 2-3 pickles (cucumber and apple peel), 800 g of boiled potatoes in their skins, 400 g of boiled and finely chopped chicken, a jar of green peas boiled eggs 03/05, 1 / 2 jars of mayonnaise, salt, pepper – to taste.

(For content of my mother.) Salad 'Moscow' (aka 'Oliver'). The remains of roast venison chop with thin slices, boil a few potatoes and chop. Cut the cucumber (if fresh is not, then salted), hard-boiled egg, lettuce or lettuce. Season with a thick mayonnaise-mayonnaise, add the French vinegar, mustard, soy-Kobulov, cayenne pepper.