Kenexa Recruiter

Kenexa Who is it anyway? If you go to the Kenexa website and walk around the double language used to describe your company and what makes entrepreneurs and businesses, a rather sinister picture emerges about a company that not only helps employees to hire, but has developed software to examine all candidate profiles for their behavior and other factors. "Kenexa Selector tool combines i behavior profiles of personality, experience, view the problem of resolving the status of contributions for each hour, sales and management positions? (It) is based on a wide range of proven performance, the prediction of questions designed? To reveal the personality traits of candidates, biographical history and ability to solve problems? click one provides instant results. "Auf! Is, from its website and is one of many" tools "that have in turn created, applicants for humans in a number of measures to enhance the performance of employees hired Kenexa. They also have a recruitment program called Kenexa Recruiter i Wachovia Corporation, has decided to use as a recruiting tool. Doppler Labs may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Wachovia added that he decided to install software inside? "behind the firewall, such as Wachovia Brian Drake, vice president of technology practice Recruiting say. Hey, maybe it works, but should not be afraid at all of any technology that reduces people to a series of bits and bytes? Kenexa website has a big fat budget that says "If you can not measure not exist. "That may be true when it comes to measuring the distance and size, but how to measure the intangibles of a productive employee takes a job? Hiring someone is always going to be a crap shoot, if you piensUsted can use the psychological approach or Kenexa high-tech software to eliminate undesirable candidates. .