Management Recruiting

If the state of your company is a manager recruiter who knows all this and knows how – we have nothing to teach you just to leave this job to him and wait for a positive result. If a person does not, I recommend to apply to the recruiting agency that specializes on the search for it professionals. But if, for projects which require a staff member does not need a "guru" intrernet technology, and you simply want a good specialist, you fully able to search for yourself. Train ways to find such professionals by 100% within this article it is impossible, but we will try to give simple practical advice that will enable you to greatly facilitate this task. 1. You yourself must represent what the specialist who you're looking for, and what functionality it will perform a check for specificity, the extent and timing of the project, ask for help in the preparation of technical requirements in the it department. It is likely that professional vocabulary is not familiar to you in full, and have little to explore the meaning of terms and used to operate with them in communicating with prospective candidates. To simplify this task for the first time can be make yourself a cheat sheet.

2. Start your search to view posted resumes (,,,, publication of notices of this kind attracts a lot of resumes of candidates whose experience and skills are poorly compliant. Pay attention to the presence of competitors portfolio of projects and the possibility of obtaining recommendations from previous jobs and former customers as reviews real people on the work of specialists will help you to better assess and professional qualification and his personal qualities. 3. With insufficient numbers of candidates, post job vacancies on the main sites of recruitment, as well as specialized forums and social network.

Publication of advertisements in print media for this vacancy is inefficient, because the majority use the Internet for job search. Salaries and Wages prospects depend on the skill level specialist, project scope and breadth of functional responsibilities, as well as a regional dependence. The payment system can be installed as a fixed salary (internal company projects, non-profit projects), and depend on the implemented projects, the volume of sales. In the future, a good specialist can lead the department for Internet projects in big business, to take a leadership position in a specialized company, or to start their own internet agency, because in spite of the crisis and the overall reduction in advertising costs, the share of online advertising increases and the number of Internet projects will only grow.