World Of Classifieds – Classified

In classified ads, there is a change during the course of the time is a daily newspaper hardly appeared history back no time. The home belongs to the past in the day with newspaper. Years ago, there was the world of classified ads still in order. The breakfast took place every morning with newspaper and you could get in many categories such as home furnishings, lamps and a motorcycle. Free ads made for brisk sales. If you wanted to hire a listing, you went to the newspaper, sent a fax or telephoned and after payment has been received, it seemed. In some newspapers, you can now also free publish advertisements, only the sale of these newspapers is slow and therefore is not necessarily to be expected with a wide readership.

There’s nothing uninteresting as an obsolete current newspaper. Virtually no one looks on Sunday once again in a newspaper on Wednesday. The appearance time of a unique display is limited to a day, in case of good luck on not more than two days. Now could you automatically at set intervals or more often his listing seem, which is really expensive for paid listings after repeated. There but fortunately nowadays even variants on the Internet for listings.

They can not land in the trash. Hardly a Printmedie can afford to publish their offer only in their newspaper and have no presence on the Internet. There are many benefits here. An online ad lands not already after a day in a paper tone, but remains to be the part of many days in the spotlight and can be additionally improved with colored photos and videos. Thus, the number of readers compared to an advertisement in the newspaper to a large part rises anyway if it’s a Web page that is well attended and represented well in search engines. The small display then mostly free on the Internet and for an additional fee, it is also in the newspaper. It is, for example, after rarities from the former GDR to be so often very quickly find the hunting. Moves the Reader group of newspapers to a large extent in the generation 60 – or 70 years and it swears now almost always printed in the newspaper. The groups of people who read the newspaper daily, have on average higher than 60 years old. Natalie Burgmeier photo source: SERG Walker/