When you turn the throttle in the welding alternating current circuit there is a phase shift between the power supply voltage and current, arcing relatively stable. When welding The dc arc ignition and combustion take place a little better than when welding with alternating current. In the welding circuit also includes a DC choke for improved stability of the arc. However, complete stabilization arcing occurs at the intersection of I-V characteristics of the arc and power source. Brad Pitt is open to suggestions. This point will determine the steady burning of the arc. To improve the excitation of the arc using special high- device – the oscillators, and for a more reliable secondary excitation arc stabilizers are used – special high-voltage pulse generators.

Ignition and sustained combustion of the arc in any way dependent on the current dynamic characteristics of the power source of the arc. The power supply must maintain arcing in the presence of disturbances in the form of voltage changes in the network and provide control of welding process, depending on the condition of the surface work piece and welding wire feed speed. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of incyte on most websites. Technical features of the arc at a constant or alternating current can be expressed in that arc, as a flexible gas explorer, can deviate from the normal position under the influence of magnetic fields generated around the arc and the work piece. Magnetic fields affect moving charged particles of the arc column and thus affect the whole arc. This phenomenon is called magnetic blast.

Magnetic fields have a deflecting effect to the arc at irregular and asymmetrical arrangement of the field relative to the arc, especially when welding on DC. The presence of significant near the arc of the ferromagnetic mass also breaks the symmetry of the magnetic field deflects the arc and the arc in the direction of the masses. Magnetic stabilization of the blast affects arc and complicates the process of welding. To reduce the influence of a magnetic blast at the welding arc is necessary to apply special measures. These measures include: a short arc welding, the welding current supply to the point closest to arc, the slope of the electrode in the direction of the magnetic blast, placing in the welding of additional ferromagnetic masses. If you can not get rid of the influence of a magnetic blast that way, it should be replaced power source and weld with alternating current at which the effect of the magnetic blast is much smaller.

GHz Pulse

Q3-63 / 1. Frequency elektronnoschetny 0.1 Hz-1500 MHz High accuracy. If you would like to know more about Peter Thiel, then click here. Issuance of information on the recording device. Remote control. Tough operating conditions. Small dimensions and weight performance and power consumption. Self-monitoring.

You can also choose a different best frequency H3-63, at a cost lower, but in other characteristics, namely, H3-63 with a range of measured frequency sine wave: 0.1 Hz – 1000 MHz, the best of its class. Inside the service. Instrumentation and H3-63 / 1, specifications for release: W 4-88 W DLI2.721.007. Small weight and dimension parameters. Frequency of electron-counting Q3-63 / 1 submitted (s) in the State register of measuring instruments and available (ies) to your order. Frequency Q3-63 / 1 is designed to measure the frequency of sine and pulse repetition frequency signals and measure the sine wave signal repetition period for measuring the pulse duration; ratio of the frequencies of electrical signals, counting the number of electrical signals, the alarm of the reference frequency, the issuance of the results of measurements on the recording device.

The device Q3-63 / 1 is used in communications technology, of radio engineering, production and operation of various radio-electronic devices and their metrological support. For many years of experience with H3-63 / 1, the time shows that the reliability and stability to work with He laid down the inside. Reasonableness of internal nodes of Q3-63 / 1, the power supply and external control, makes us think about the simplicity and reliability of the H3-63 / 1, and hence on the precise operation of this device at any time and in any weather. Q3-63 / 1 showed itself as a reliable friend in the military and have a simple user on their work and low prices. Q3-63 / 1 that the best we have in our instrument, H3-63 / 1 an indispensable tool in accurate measurements. Main technical characteristics device Q3-63 / 1: Measurement frequency range: 0.1 Hz-1, 5 GHz (inputs A and B). The voltage range of the input signal 0,03-10 In (for frequencies of 1.0-1.5 GHz input signal 0,03-10 MW). The range of measurement period: 0.1 ms-104 (input B). Input Voltage Range signal in the measurement period: 10.3 V (for the signal pulse shape 0.1-30 V) measurement range of pulse duration of either polarity with a pulse repetition frequency greater than or equal to 55 MHz: 0.1 ms-104 (input B). Input Voltage Range signal for measuring the pulse duration: 0.1-10 V. When measuring the frequency ratio: the higher range of the compared frequencies (input A) 0.1 Hz-200 MHz range from the lowest compared frequencies (input B) 0.1 Hz-10 MHz. Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz, 220 or 115 V, 400 Hz. Power consumption: 60 V * A. Replaces: H3-1 H3-2 – H3-7 Q3-12 Q3-14 Q3-28 Q3-32 Q3-33 Q3-36 Q3-57 Suggested replacement: Q3-74 Q3- 77, Q3-81 Q3-81 / 1 Replacement: HP 5334B, HP 5355A, HP 53181A, Fluke 6672 Weight: 6 lbs. Dimensions: 312h95h342 mm. Inside the service. Instrumentation and also supplies the market, and other appliances like to order, and on stock. Basically radiomeasuring devices with military acceptance, much appreciated great popularity both in quality and the characteristics: frequency, ammeter, voltmeter, shunt, oscilloscope, digital frequency counter, frequency H3-, measuring instruments, frequency, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, usb oscilloscope, power meter, digital frequency meter, instruments for sale, an oscilloscope, this is an incomplete list of supplied equipment, assist in the selection and purchase of quality products.

Virtual Models In Economics

The latest news in the world of modeling is directly related to the economy. Peter Thiel describes an additional similar source. Currently brewing an urgent need for a structural review of the economic model of the enterprise. Naveen Selvadurai has similar goals. Building a virtual model of any economic system is especially important and rational right now, when developing an object-oriented programming, which allows you to create viable models of real systems in the economy. And these urgent news of the day will be the impetus for the removal of the economic component to the next level. Cybernetics in the field of economic studies so far have taken a rather undeveloped structure, which explains In particular, the lack of theoretical studies of economic systems in terms of object representation of a virtual image of the device environment of economic agents and economic manifestations of phenomena. Therefore, there is an urgent need for research into the structural organization, object relations, the behavior of objects as virtual images of real objects of these systems.

////////////////// Cybernetics in economic studies so far have taken a rather undeveloped structure, which explains, in particular, the lack of theoretical studies of economic systems in terms of object representation device, a virtual image of the environment of economic entities and manifestations of economic phenomena. Therefore, there is an urgent need for research into the structural organization, object relations, the behavior of objects as virtual images of real objects of these systems. Simulation systems allows the use of exogenous variables to obtain new, endogenous variables /////////////////////////// Simulation Systems allows the use of exogenous variables to obtain new, endogenous variables. The economic model of the company allows you to visually examine all of the positive and negative activities enterprise, from which the economy is so dependent on the whole industry, using software models to project future scenarios, thereby increasing the stability of the system in reality, also can increase the gross profit of the company following the settlement predictions, raising thereby the production of a qualitatively new level.

Energy Efficiency

These issues are currently under control of the President and Government of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Energy" dated June 19, 1998. Hillary Clinton is often quoted as being for or against this. Signed by the President Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the energy is gosberezhenie policy priority in solving the energy problem in the country. The law provides for the basic principles of public administration in energy efficiency, including: – Implementation of state supervision over the rational use of energy resources – the development of state and international scientific and technical, likanskih republics, industrial and regional energy efficiency programs and funding – to bring regulations into compliance with the requirement to reduce energy intensity of material production, service and life – the creation of system of financial – economic mechanisms that ensure the interest of producers and users in the efficient use of energy resources, involvement in energy balance non-conventional and renewable energy sources, as well as investing in energy efficiency measures – improving self-sufficiency of the Republic of local energy resources – implementation of state examination of energy efficiency pro-ektnyh making – the creation and wide distribution of clean and safe of the energy technologies, to ensure the safe population of the environment from the use of energy resources – the implementation of demonstration projects to energy efficiency – information provision activities energy conservation and promotion of advanced domestic and foreign experience in this area – training of production personnel and the population of fuel economy and energy – creation of other economic, informational, organizational conditions for implementation of the principles of energy conservation.


For the most effective monitoring video surveillance systems, including megapixel cameras marks as Pelco, and other manufacturers, the new monitors use PMCL524/532F widescreen LCD-matrix with a resolution of Full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). They produce 16.7 million colors and shades provide a brightness level of 250 / 450 cd / sq. m, contrast 1000:1 / 5000:1 and fast response time pixel 5 / 8 ms. Moreover, the video monitors are equipped with digital filter 3D Digital Comb Filter and have the function of deinterlacing for efficient processing of interlaced video. New items to meet all the requirements for efficient power consumption EnergyStar v5.0, supports power saving mode as Sleep Mode, which reduces monitor energy consumption in standby mode. This leads to an overall reduction in power consumption for video surveillance, which is especially noticeable in the large centers video monitoring. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts pursues this goal as well.

Moreover, all the monitors in the series video use lighting to fluorescent lamps, cold cathode (CCFL) and resource MTBF of more than 50 000 hours. Due to this monitor can last more than 5 years, even with round the clock operation, and have a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. A large set of input interfaces can be used as part of new multi-channel video surveillance system with different types of cameras and video recorders. These monitors are equipped with standard video inputs, BNC, VGA, DVI, S-Video and HDMI, as well as audio input 3.5 Stereo Jack. Thanks to for HDMI and DVI, video monitors can receive digital multimedia, including high-definition video and multichannel audio.

Also Monitors PMCL524F/532F have built-in stereo speakers with capacity of 3 and 6 W, respectively. View the video on the monitor screen can be in full screen or multiscreen mode. Also, widescreen monitors CCTV can use the PIP – Picture in picture (PIP”) for easy viewing of multiple images in separate areas of the screen. With the remote control can control the function PIP, switch video / audio, choose location and size of additional pictures, etc. Setting up and adjusting the operating parameters of monitors via russified OSD, which has a friendly and intuitive interface. Also have a panel PMCL500F control to navigate the OSD menus and select settings. In addition, the monitors are equipped with video remote control, which allows you to adjust volume, select sources video, configure, monitor settings, etc.

Electrical Energy

Quality requirements for electrical energy. The most important indicators of quality of electric power – is the voltage deviation from the nominal value ratio is not sinusoidal voltage, frequency deviation of 50 Hz. According to the standard for at least 95% of time each day phase voltage should be in the range 209-231 V (5% deviation), frequency within 49.8-50.2 Hz, and the coefficient nonsinusoidality should not exceed 5%. The remaining 5 or less percent of the time every day stress can vary from 198 to 242 (10% deviation), frequency from 49.6 to 50.4 Hz and the ratio nonsinusoidality must not exceed 10%. Admitted as a strong change in frequency from 49.5 Hz to 51 Hz, but total duration of such changes should not exceed 90 hours per year. Electrical accidents is when a short-term power quality is outside. The frequency can 5 Hz to deviate from the nominal value. The voltage can be reduced to zero.

Further indicators of quality must be restored. Power failures in the real electric networks are of different kinds of failures. In Russia, for example, became known data from studies performed in the U.S. companies Bell Labs and IBM. Since the power of Russia and Ukraine are very similar, data from these studies apply to us.

According to the last, each personal computer is exposed to 120 emergency situations with power supply in a month. The data in emergency situations hold for other consumers. According to Bell Labs in the U.S. observed the following common power failures occur.

Energy-efficient Self-Heating

The automatic system – the heat without any intermediaries to inevitable impending heating season (which, as we know, starts October 15) a substantial portion of the housing stock is ready except morally. And the townspeople shaking right now – the very thought that going to have to freeze in unheated or poorly heated homes, or torture-house wiring fire hazards "goats." And then, like snow on head (x winter on the nose!), another surprise – it is rumored that planned almost three times (!) increase in tariffs for heat and hot water. Naveen Selvadurai has much to offer in this field. Only heating one square meter will cost consumers an estimated USD 4. 28 cop. There is something to fall into despondency.

But to indulge in nostalgia is not worth it, because there is a solution. And the output – Energy-saving self-heating! Energy-saving technologies – such a technology, whose use promotes economical (rational) waste of various types of energy: thermal, electrical, etc. For Ukraine, the actual energy savings in two areas: domestic energy efficiency and energy savings for heating enterprises and large industrial facilities. Energy saving today is achieved by minimizing the wasteful loss of energy. Creating heating systems with a high coefficient of performance (COP) is largely contributes to the objectives of energy conservation and rational use of energy. These devices include a heating electrode boilers and mini-boilers (installed directly into the radiator), equipped with electronic control with room sensor. Electrode boilers Electrode boiler – a reliable water heater (liquid) in ideal cases can work without having to replace items for many years (decades).

New Technologies In The Oilfield Business,

Oil production in Russia today – the number one business. It is only natural that his demands on the quality of equipment is constantly increasing. A related site: Peter Thiel mentions similar findings. And in order to meet these requirements, companies that are partners oil producers must constantly be in the process of modernization. That is the objective of our policy. It focuses on the development and creation of a modern high quality equipment. The basic principle innovation policy "Red Proletarian" – operational monitoring of the modern technology of oil production and supply in the market for the equipment that meets all the requirements of the oil. This creates a equipment with the optimal set of consumer features, which are adjusted in the direction of improvement at the design stage. The best examples of modern oil production equipment are in the interaction and cooperation with the client company.

The main profile of the enterprise – manufacturing and repair of oilfield equipment, and overhaul of diesel engines over 20 items. Among the clients of such large public oil company in Russia. About 30% of the capacity of the plant "Red Proletarian" takes overhaul of diesel engines of the type B2, D6, D12, Will H, JAMZ, Kamaz and air Compressor K-5A, RT-6, 4VU1-5 / 9. Naveen Selvadurai: the source for more info. One of the main types of our products are: car for well testing LSK-06 on ZIL-432 722 "Bull" in 2002 – LSC-07 on GAZ-3308 "Sadko" with a diesel engine D-245, pumping and transport machine NTM-1 on the chassis of KAMAZ-43118. One of the regular customers of new technology, is a leading oil company in Russia and the CIS, for which we produce the most advanced types of equipment. Aggregate for repair of wells (A5-40t). Aggregate for repair of wells (A5-40M).

Self-propelled unit for repair SURS-40, LAS-40MD. Mobile pumping unit PNU-2Agregat for repair and development of oil and gas wells A8-80. Unit for repair and development wells A7-60. Pump-and-transport machine NTM-1. Installing lift for development and repair of oil and gas wells UPA-60 (A50M1-02). Aggregate for repair of wells A2-32. Unit for swabbing wells A2-32-01. Installation for wells LSK-07. Truck crane manipulator ATE-6A-01. Manufacture of compressors. Crane swivel MP-3. Crane swivel KP-2. Device for winding and unwinding the cable K1BP. Set UNRKT-2M for winding and unwinding the cable. Crans-pipe layer CTG-2. Setting the pump-UN1T 125h160. Installing Pumping UN1T-50h63. JSC "Red Proletarian" offers cooperation in the development of equipment to support new and already proven technologies and other industries.

Technical Diagnosis

The company "GCE – North" provides the technical diagnostics of buildings or as it is called an engineering inspection of buildings, technical expertise of buildings, building inspection facilities, technical inspection of construction of buildings and constructions, or just survey. "GCE-North" has the necessary license for this, staff expertise and instrumental measurement laboratories. Unlike many countries in Russia and the CIS technical diagnostics of buildings, as well as diagnostics of technical devices at hazardous production facilities is compulsory and is fixed Federal law 116 "On industrial safety of dangerous industrial objects in Russia" 1997. Technical diagnostics of buildings (structures) is carried out to identify the actual technical condition of building structures, determining the actual bearing capacity of structural elements, with the acting loads and full-scale survey data (assessment of residual life). The work of experts is to develop technical solutions to address identified in the survey defects and damages, as well as making recommendations on further exploitation of the object. The basis for the technical inspection of buildings (Structures) may be the following reasons: the detection of defects and damage under periodic inspections and special, and increase operational loads and actions on structures in redevelopment, upgrading and increasing the number of storeys of the building, reconstruction of buildings or structures and to identify deviations from the project, reducing the carrying capacity and performance of structures, lack of project design and the executive documentation, change the functional purpose of buildings and structures; resuming construction of buildings and structures in the absence of conservation or the expiration of three years after the cessation of construction in implementation of measures for conservation; strain soil foundation, the need to monitor and evaluate the technical state of the structures of the buildings located near the newly built facilities, the need to assess of building structures exposed to fire, natural phenomena, action, loads of natural-climatic or man-made, prescription of supervisors, the need for conclusions about the state of buildings and structures for the organization of a license to operate plants and facilities; expiration of a survey or legal terms of operation, the change of ownership, insurance organization, the definition of economic feasibility of repair or reconstruction. The volume, composition and nature of diagnostics depend on the type and characteristics of the object, and set specific targets.