About ten percent of the women they have brains masculinizados.' ' Then we can perceive that men and women are really different, but, that each one a bit has of man (woman) or woman (man) inside of itself. We must know to deal with these differences that occur between both, therefore each one has its abilities as: one uses the space one, how much the other the verbal one, one more is agitated, another one is emptico, one is direct, another one likes to decorate the facts. We notice that many differences exist and that both have its necessities that go since the respect, the acceptance, the affection, the confidence and amongst that help in to more understand them a little on these primordial ones necessities. Communication We understand that the communication is the transmission of stimulatons and provoked answers, through a complete system or partially shared. It is all the transmission process and of exchange of messages between human beings, that is, the act or effect to communicate is the only form that we possess stops expressing in them, knowing and to become known.

Drescher (1998, p.112) in says &#039 to them; ' to communicate means, in fact, to distribute our soul with the other pessoa.' ' You are to deliver itself to its perpetual boyfriend total (she is as soon as we would have relating in them to our husband ()), to open its heart, speech what it is feeling, which are its necessities, its yearnings, what it is thinking, what you desire and wait of its spouse. According to author (1998, p.120) ' ' to communicate who we are is to disclose or to share our individuality with another person. It is to state completely what I am, that um.&#039 is different of any; ' Clearly that this will only occur will have much love between the couple, therefore the love leads to a honest communication. The communication does not mean to speak very, but to speak with quality, therefore many times we think that the amount is important, but that it does not pass of a banal colloquy, without a productive dialogue that really has quality. A marriage to function well, or to have a good harmony has that to have communication, to know to hear, to have time to speak, to express the feelings without aggressions, to choose the hour, the place and the correct form of speaking. Remembering that the said words have an enormous effect in the life of the other person who is hearing, therefore we must be cautious to speech. We do not have to speak at the moment of the anger, therefore we finish speaking what we did not want, we offend and we wound our spouse with our words, that is, verbally, that it is well worse of what if we had attacked physically. Therefore, the words can until killing who are hearing, then it takes care, it speaks without blowing up and it knows the moment certain to stop. We must be intent

Intimate Life And Harmony Of Temperament

Women lie in bed, how to ascend the altar to sacrifice a man to his treasure. No need to sacrifice. The bed is a playground, and a woman and a male member of one team (Ruth Dixon). Golden words, but why in Life so often it happens in another way? It is hard to find a mate, which would be a perfect harmony of temperament. The most popular option – loses her husband and tired of his wife claims. To read more click here: Peter Thiel.

Much determine age features. Typically, the adolescent libido is awakened in the 12-14 years, after which grows rapidly and reaches a peak in 17-19 years – the period of youthful hypersexuality. From 20 to 30-35 years – a high, stable sexual desire, and then begins to decline. He will long be a man, but with each five-year period of his opportunities will be less and less … Age curve of female sexuality male repeats up "to the contrary." * It is true that women "scattering" on average significantly larger, and some are developing generally beyond the laws. Only in very general terms one can say that: The girls libido wakes up even earlier than boys, but grows very slowly and manifests itself rather in the form of interest, curiosity, rather than the actual draft. In 18-20 years, the girl just waking up a woman, 23-25 – desire slowly pulled to the male level (often this can help delivery) and 27-30 – during female flowering. A woman woke up woman, and if it's all right to health, the attraction is not reduced.

The Relationship

At differences, both partners seek to agree a compromise or a common solution. Finally, a relationship based on love, as a rule, always durable. Because the presence of love can pass through a pair of any problems and difficulties that arise between them. Thoughtfulness and care to help grow a pair and stand the test of time. How to manifest a passionate relationship? Passionate relationships are not always able to produce negative effect. But they can not be so confident and positive, as love.

Like love, lust also affects the relations, actions and words of people. The primary difference between passion and love – love in the relationship Partners put the happiness of others above themselves, and in a passionate relationship partners are seeking to achieve their own desires, and put them on the first and most important place. The fundamental selfishness that exists in a passionate relationship, oozes and affects absolutely all the deeds and on the relationship itself as a whole. At the time, as in true love with a couple of tries to find a compromise and solution to which they will both be happy, passionate relationship of each partner is more inclined to achieve their personal desires, regardless of the feelings of his partner, as well as whether it will be too happy. Last feature passionate relationship – it is a small duration of themselves relations. Because the passionate relationship exists only because of the very passion and desire. And when the goal is reached, the passion disappears, and the partner becomes no longer desirable.

Without passion, feelings start to fade and decay. Moreover, the characteristics of a passionate relationship – selfishness and lack of respect also lead to short and noisy communications. It's simple. Is not it? But … Love can not exist within a passion. And passion is very often may exist within love. Passion can not include love. Because the main feature of selfishness does not allow to enter as a factor in love in a passionate relationship. Staging your own desires higher desire partner eliminates the formation of love. But the presence of passion in the relationship of love is often shown the usual desire to become closer to your partner. While it is not more than love – it is a healthy part of a relationship and can lead to greater intimacy and stronger connections among partners. Separation of the passion of love can be complicated in many ways. But you must always remember the difference between love and passion – a love based on dedication and care, while passion is characterized by selfishness and negligence. But the contrast between them is impossible.