The Video Converting

Whether for mobile device, console, or play on your PC, the aspect ratio of videos must another man often displayed as not distorted. This tutorial is a guide to change the aspect ratio of videos. In this example, we have taken Movavis video converter for the required task. Even if you need your video no video format change, the changes are made by aspect ratio with the video Konverteren. Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width of a picture, a video or a screen to his height. The usual video aspect ratios are 4:3 and 16:9.

The 4:3 ratio is used in videos since the invention of TV, older computer screens have the same aspect ratio. 16:9 was reuse as format for high-line television. This example image you can see very well the difference between these two formats: If you want to convert videos and observe this aspect, it is typically two options: 1 that is aspect ratio to convert remain the same as in the source file. 2. a 16:9-film must be in the 4:3-format are converted, or other rum – a film in the 4:3 format to 16:9. You don’t know what your video has an aspect ratio? No problem – in the video converter from Movavi, find the appropriate information, as follows: Add the movie in the Movavi video converter. Click with the right mouse button on the source file and information…

Select; In the rubric “Video stream”, you find out what your video has an aspect ratio. Option 1. If you want that the aspect ratio when the converted video remains unchanged, you need to do anything extra – simply select a suitable preset and convert the video: default as aspect ratio is not converted in Movavi video converter. If the setting you have chosen does not exactly matches the two usual aspect ratios (16:9 4:3 o.), your file will be scaled appropriately. However, you must separately determine the scaling method in the settings. To the usual scaling methods, which can be found also in this converter, one “Letter box”, “Track” and “Crop”. Option 2. To convert to the aspect ratio in the 4:3 or 16:9, you must: Add the file in the video converter. Formats and devices, in the lower part of the window select a preferred preset from the list of settings; Press the settings button next to the default list; Click “Options” button on the video codec. In the geofneten window, you can customize the settings for aspect ratio. Use 1 4:3, if a 16:9-want to convert to the 4:3 aspect ratio video. 2. 16:9, if a 4:3-convert video to the 16:9 format. OK Click and confirm. Choose the appropriate scaling option; If you want to avoid the vertical or horizontal distortion, select “Letter box” or “Cutting”. Click OK and confirm. Click the Convert button, print and convert the video. I hope that this tutorial can help you convert! Natalia Bogorad