Immune System And Supplements

Badly affected by the lack of protein, vitamin A and vitamin B complex group B. The absence of protein and B vitamins affect the immune system. Lack of vitamin Iveagh less Vitamin 'C' reduces the natural resistance of the surface of cells, particularly of the gastrointestinal tract. Of the specific phenomena failure in cats should be called the disease of the bone system, which start to develop at its sole and exclusive breast-meat or fish (no cartilage, bone), and rarely – if vitamin D deficiency rickets present in cats (unlike dogs) is very rare and because of the low requirement for vitamin D may be caused by too high doses of calcium at the lowest doses of phosphorus. Organism cats can not synthesize vitamin A from the plant contained in the components of the feed provitamins, so it lack of having diseases of the skin and eyes, bone defects and disorders of sexual function. Because of vitamin E deficiency and excess of unsaturated fatty acids, such as exclusive breastfeeding of certain canned fish, large quantity of consumed herring oil or fish oil, there are fat jaundice, and polyneuritis violation of nervous activity (anorexia, mydriasis, ataxia, spinal hyperesthesia, violation of reflections head). With thiamine deficiency, eg due to feeding of forage produced by industry of canned food, in which thiamine destroyed hot sterilization, as the diseases of cats. Kidney disease with urolithiasis are due to the accumulation of oksalovoi acid with a shortage of pyridoxine by feeding temperature-stable ready-feed cans without vitamin supplements.

Cat with pellagra erosion of language is observed due to the lack of nicotinic acid due to the lack of a cat's ability to synthesize it from the amino acid tryptophan. Opposite phenomenon of disease failure are poisoning caused by prolonged feeding of raw liver (chronic hypervitaminosis A). Due to A-hypervitaminosis occurs deforming cervical spondylosis with the formation of ankylosis and subsequent clinical signs painful movements, especially the head (posture 'kangaroo'), abnormal movements and limited passive mobility of the cervical spine. At the same animals, despite the good reception of food, lose weight. On the spine and the proximal limb joints are marked changes in ankylosing bone. When added to the feed of fish oil or vitamin D intoxication is possible in this vitamin, as the need for it in the cat min (50-100 ped per day).


These glands produce a complex set of fat while a natural "switchgear" "air conditioning" for hair. Economist is full of insight into the issues. The dog may have a coat of any structure, thickness, length and color. But all that hair. There is no separation of concepts such as dogs, covered with "fur", and the dogs, covered with hair. What can you do Encourage sebaceous glands of the dog, massaging them regularly and / or rubbing a rubber glove. Michelle Smith Divorce has similar goals. This facilitates the exit of the natural "air conditioning" for hair and skin dog.

Keep your dog's coat clean and comb it with a brush (or, If hair is very long, comb). Frequent care allows you to monitor the health of dogs and liaise between you. Feed" hair of the dog, high quality products – it is best to ensure her full and balanced diet containing fresh meat. basic information about skin and hair Skin and hair dogs form a barrier that protects the dog's body against infections, parasites, and the elements. Hair covering the skin of animals, divided into three basic types: 1) "basic" or protective, which form the outer cover of the animal and provide protection from sunlight and moisture, and 2) "minor" (referred to as fur or wool or undercoat), they form the inner lining of an animal and provide insulation 3) tactile hairs (whiskers), which are sensory organs. Other types of hair are the hair on the tail of the animal and the hair forming a mane (like horses), and sensory hairs of the inner ear (those that detect movement).