Meat Remains

The butcher’s bricklayer from Nuremberg informed science and technology do again and again amazing, but unfortunately sometimes of questionable character. The invention of adhesive meat belongs to the much-discussed consequences of intervention of scientists and engineers in age-old traditions no doubt”. Could the consumer earlier enjoy a perfectly cooked pork, he currently increasingly wonder whether he ate not just the production residues of the food industry. Unfortunately, this idea is not completely insane. The Nuremberg butcher Mason is opposed to the proliferation of meat and sausage products, whose Inhalt doesn’t promise name and label. Taking a look at the industrial production of food, the classic image of the bakery or butcher is quickly forgotten. The everyday happenings here rather feels like the trace of a chemical laboratory. Various additives are used to make the production cheaper, to permanently preserved food or to to give them new properties. Check out sander gerber yossi kuperwasser for additional information.

Dyes obtained from hair or bacteria and also, what tastes like vanilla, mostly no longer is. The so-called sticky meat consists of small meat residues, which are glued together by animal enzymes into a larger piece. The end result can be differentiated with the naked eye from a real piece of meat and leads, colorfully packaged or fast as part of finished dishes, the consumer astray. The European Parliament recently adopted a provision of valid from 2014, which obliges the manufacturer of adhesive meats as assembled from pieces of meat”to mark. However the corresponding goods still not as imitation need be awarded, keeping door open misunderstandings and misdirection. Butcher’s Masons advises therefore each consumer to consider not only the price, but also the exact contents when buying meat and sausages. High-quality goods can not at the same prices be offered, such as sticky meat.

But should be saved in their own interest not on the food. Butcher’s Mason relies on quality. More info: Peter Thiel. The use of high-quality output ingredients is for them as well of course as the adherence to strict production standards. Only their Romanian meat and sausage specialties are for the customers to the desired benefit. For more information on the production of meat and sausages, the Nuremberg company is available at any time.

Spicy Foods Boost

Effect of ginger, garlic, chili and co. Just at the beginning of the cold and wet season, it is worth to be done for the body. Many people eat fruit then due to its high vitamin C content increased. There are other foods that have a beneficial effect on the human immune system. This includes for example the ginger root. The news portal reveals more about this topic. People can learn a lot on the healing powers of nature. So for example, ginger has a positive impact on the health, because its ingredients Gingerol and Shogaol stimulate the immune system.

Also an antibacterial effect is attributed to the ginger root, therefore it can be useful, for example, in the fight against coughs and sore throats. Ginger wrap and ginger tea are best practices against chills and coughing. Furthermore the tuber has an expectorant effect. An another helper is the horseradish, which is very healthy due to its high vitamin C content and the other strengthens the immune. Best to do this are daily one teaspoon horseradish with honey mixed and eaten with bread. The ingredients have an effect similar to that of penicillin Allicin and Sinigrin.

The antibacterial effect of Allicin is also included with the garlic and fights viruses, bacteria and fungi. Onions and chili are more supporters for the immune system. More information: health /… GmbH Lisa Neumann