Previous Songs

And most importantly – these musicians do not remember! 5. You should feel the mood of the room and try to adapt to it or even control it. If the audience cheered performance of the previous group, they will have fun and for your songs if you skorrektiruete their program. I think you should not play a cover version of the song "Good night, kids" if you team up roused the hall with something fun. Whenever Naveen Selvadurai listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Weary audience should cheer cheerful songs or provocative phrases. 6. Look at the audience during the performance. Peter Thiel wanted to know more. Attitude to what is going on stage can be easily read by the expression of the human face.

7. Try not to copy anyone. What would the audience could not distinguish your group from the hundreds of similar – think some kind of its own "chip" on stage. Something original and memorable. 8. Always be prepared for negative-minded viewers.

At any concert, there might be not understanding the listeners. For example, adolescents are unlikely to appreciate your technique and long tenure instrument, virtuoso solos, and retirees will not be a sausage alternative music. 9. Remember – a rehash of someone else's song is difficult to achieve great success! If you want to be popular for real, we must compose their own songs! 10. Do not panic on the stage. Must discard all thought of the possible and the technical problems occurred. Trembling hands and fear in his voice – it's much worse than a microphone, which fonit. 11. Value our reputation! Do not play activities, under whose format does not suit your group and try not to act on questionable activities. And never speaks just to that to make a statement – just a rehearsal for this and there. 12. Original image group – this is half the battle. You have to look at a scene not even on the 100, and 168% at all! 13. Always be prepared for any eventuality after the show – good and bad. You can call names, throw something heavy, try to beat or alternatively may be asked to autograph and praising performance. 14. You have to be always looking for new "chips". Try to make every performance, unlike the previous one. Viewers want every show to see something new and original. Surprise them with new songs and unexpected moves. Do not be boring!

Izhevsk Introduced New Training Audiobooks

Expanding the range of quality audio books – an important task for libraries. Modern technologies extend the capabilities of understanding the world and, above all, improve the quality of life and education for blind children students and adults. Educational, encyclopedic, informative audiobook – a chance for the visually impaired to obtain a quality education and development of their abilities. As part of the development fund educational and audiobooks improve accessibility for visitors in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, the National Library, a presentation of new editions of well-known personalities, biographical audiobooks, school and student allowances. Broad distribution audiobooks became a true revolution in the provision of blind and visually impaired soul food and educational services. After all, learning is not only blind but visually impaired children – a difficult teacher problem. Print Braille – pretty expensive event, virtually stranded for commercial publishers (or the price of books would be too high, making them unaffordable for the vast majority of buyers).

Therefore, selection of modern books printed in a special font for the blind, is not enough. Translate to blind the entire range of literature relevant – in Russian conditions and available funding difficult, if not impossibly task. In addition, visually impaired people are not always willing to learn to read Braille, as often can parse large letters, and not so focused on the tactile sensations, as blind. Finally, the method of teaching reading to the blind is very difficult for those who recently lost his eyesight or suffer progressive deterioration of vision. For such people learn to read by Braille – is like re-sit for ABC. It is, moreover, is also a heavy psychological adjustment. It is therefore important initiatives like the presentation at the National Library of Udmurtia.

Audiobooks – real opportunity to make literature accessible to visually impaired and blind people. Audiobooks are easier to produce than books printed in Braille. This means that they are cheaper, but also – more opportunities for expanding the range of books. Very important is the fact that audio books can also use blind and visually impaired – regardless of when they lost their sight and are familiar with a special font for the blind. No special skills not required reading. Just put on headphones – and listen to every audiobook. It is very convenient for retirees who began to lose his sight, and for visually impaired young people. Audiobooks – the most democratic form of information for blind and visually impaired people. Finally, audio books are ideally suited to modern format of the electronic reader, impressed with a lot of people on Earth that does not need to have shelves and cabinets with folios as an e-book is in mainly "virtual space". Sure, very convenient that on the same disc can be recorded several audio books or even a library. Now, any low vision can go on a trip or vacation, with a bag of multiple drives with audio books. Presentation of new books in Izhevsk, demonstrated how modern technology improves the quality of life of visually impaired people, give them a chance at a normal, does not get disadvantaged information. The main thing – to expand the range! After visually impaired need not only good fiction, but also a wide stratum of learning and cognitive audioliteratury. Visually impaired pupils and students should be able to understand the world. Demonstrated in Izhevsk benefits law, political science, physics, medicine, public administration, mechanics and other disciplines inspire hope that the publishers realized audiobooks demand for these publications and will continue to expand its range of educational audioliteratury.

Ekaterina Karinskaya

" The whole graphic archive of Konstantin Melnikov deposited Moscow Museum of Architecture, where he resides. Ekaterina Karinskaya, granddaughter Architect: 'His tin called' 'they want to drive up through the archway in the new house, but live in it are people who go through their yard will not give – says the architect's granddaughter Catherine Karinskaya. – If you die House Melnikova, they will quietly go on our territory. And they plan to place in an alley 175 parking spaces – for those who will be at the center work. But where to put the car people? " Imagine a street where cars and Machines are leaving to work. And imagine the house, stood without prejudice all of the most terrible years – is it for the sake of semi-literate nouveaux riches traded in his place cowards? .. Ekaterina Karinskaya, however, not doubt that the house will be all right, and feels very secure here.

Q: This house had something to eat? Answer: Never. Pope thirty years kept it all, has not sold a single Dedova work. Said that it is not ours. Our share – to keep house for Russia. Dad is bequeathed to the state, with the proviso that the museum will be a father and son. And the object of the museum display is the house itself: it is not built according to the rules and regulations, and in spite of them. In: This hardwood floors? A: Yes, diaphragm plate. Here girderless overlap in the eight-bay, and all costs, continue to stand if it had not been dug on the sides of ditches.