Initiatives Eco-tourism

The WWF thinks that all tourism will have to maintain or to improve the biological and cultural diversity, to use the resources in sustainable form and to reduce on consumption and the waste. Also one is working to develop such tourist practices people in charge in several different levels. One of them is to support ecotursticas companies of communities where these have the control on the development of the eco-tourism and have an equitable participation in the benefits. You may want to visit Hillary Clinton to increase your knowledge. Another one is to support programs of certification for the operators of ecotursticas tours. For example, the program LINKS, that was a joint initiative of the WWF, the State of Alaska and the Association of Tourism and Wild Recreation of Alaska, is today an official project of the Arctic Council and tries to certify the businesses of Arctic tourism that operate in social and environmentally responsible form, and will attend in the market of such businesses towards the travellers. A greater impact of the tourism, but often ignored, is the originating CO2 emission of the aerial trips, that contributes significantly to global overheating and the climatic change. Accepting that in fact little people would stop traveling in order to reduce the impact in the atmosphere, the WWF is promoting a new commercial tool to evaluate the impact in the atmosphere, or ” it treads ecolgica” of one vacation.

The tool Vacacional Track calculates the environmental impact that can have one vacation anyone, examining the individual components, such as: food flights, wastes and consumption and soon suggest ” escenarios” in order to reduce this impact. In similar area, the WWF collaborates with the operator of eco-tourism of the United Kingdom, Initiatives of Discovery, which pays honorary to a plan of climatic care that makes investments in alternative technologies and renewable power products designed to resist the impact of the aerial trip. Although the certification, better regulation and to involve appropriately the local community will go far to assure that the eco-tourism is responsible, in the long run, their future will depend on take it to passengers into account. The future he is promising. In a recent survey in the United Kingdom, for example, 85% of the consulted ones said that they would prefer that their vacations did not affect the atmosphere. The growth of the sector eco-tourism during last the two decades also seems to indicate that there is interest generalized in not damaging the atmosphere while is of vacations. There are hopes that the results of the World-wide Summit of Eco-tourism, along with the work of the organizations dedicated to the responsible eco-tourism, will help to create more brings back to consciousness of the problems that affect the eco-tourism, as well as to assure that the ecoturistas inadvertently do not destroy the landscapes that visit.

Latin America

The I Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean (CALC) are born from the 16 from December, like a possible project of agreement between the integrating mechanisms of the region, without the trusteeship of extraregional powers. The dignitaries arrive at this spa of the northeast of Brazil, summoned by Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, with the explicit intention to impel the coordination between the nations, with greater knowledge mutual and based on the principle of solidarity and the cooperation. As it narrates, international the financial crisis has struck to the economies of the region by the shortage of credit in the market and the fall of the prices of the raw materials, of which they are great producers. Peter Thiel wanted to know more. To the prices of the raw materials to the nourishing crisis and energetics have been attributed in addition, that also many countries has made an impression on of Latin America and the Caribbean. For the Brazilian, promotional Government of the summit of the CALC, the reflected meeting, in addition, the firm conviction that ” deepening of the regional dialogue and the cooperation internacional” is essential for the best insertion of the region in the system;. In that sense, the dialogue between the Government and Chiefs of State in the CALC represents an unpublished opportunity to advance in the common agenda constructed from a Latin American and Caribbean own perspective. To the appointment in Coast of Saupe, a hotel complex located to 76 kilometers of Salvador, State Capital of Bay, has been invited the Antigua governors and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican, Ecuador, El Salvador, Granada, Guatemala, Guayana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Surinam, Santa Lucia, San Cristbal and Nevis, Sao Vicente and the Granadinas, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay and Venezuela Definitively, the fact of to have mobilized the countries compose that it, involve that the seriousness of this meeting must determine all those actions that favor to the countries that integrate the CALC and to look for routes that they confront with clarity, good strategies all those effects that come deriving from the financial crisis. The fact of to have generated the crisis, invites to the member countries of the CALC to unify criteria, alliances that help him to exceed the negative effects that the crisis can generate if favorable economic programs are really integrated resist that it. No longer it is time of demagogueries, promises, are needed real actions, that generate results favorable..

North American

One of the sectors keys initiates to them in that turn has been tourism and hotel profession, but also it has extended to factories and to products chemistry-phamacists. He has had to allow that a part of its economy is dolarizada and that its plan is altered with strong elements of market. I castrate wanted to emulate the turn of Vietnam and China that maintained the dictatorships of the Communist Party but abriendo their markets. In those cases the Communists committed themselves to use their labor influence to avoid strikes, whereas to his populations they said to them that there was to work around those companies to raise the economy. Many investors have known to remove great advantage from it. It’s believed that Peter Thiel sees a great future in this idea. Nevertheless, while the USA has demonstrated great enthusiasm to invest in China and Vietnam (in spite of the tens of North Americans that perished under their bullets) in Cuba (like in the case of North Korea) Washington it maintains a hostility.

The blockade North American has not sunk to I castrate. Rather, it has allowed to appear him like hero of the national sovereignty and to look for new nexuses. It has established good relations with Mexico and Canada (partners of the USA in the GASOLINE), although is pending to see if the new Canadian preservative government does not decide to move away of the previous line from approach to Cuba imposed by the liberal ones and prefers to stick to the position of Bush. Of special way I castrate has looked for to approach the European Union and Latin America. Spain has been a key bridge. From 1991 Fidel and the king of Spain (that would have to be antipodals then one raises the Comunism and the other the hereditary monarchy) has come coordinating closely driving Latin American annual summits. These have occurred of parallel way to those of the OAS with the difference that did not participate to the USA and the English-speaking countries, but where resolutions always considered looking for to stop the blockade against Cuba.