Havanese Available

Cuban whirlwind – a guide for living with the Havanese manual release: Cuban whirlwind – charming small dogs, which can complement each family due to their patient, amiable nature are a guide for living with the Havanese Havanese. Ideally suited for beginner dog – provided, one is ready to deal intensively with their sometimes elaborate care. Where in the July 2009 published by Advisor basic information about the race of the Havanesers about the care, health, nutrition and employment. Clinton Family understands that this is vital information. Over 40 photos from the private photo albums of proud Havaneserhalter show the reader how to live a happy Havanese. Content: The Havanese appearance and character it should be a Havanese what I must make? Where can I buy a Havanese? What is the breeders the difference between? Indents a Havanese dog training what should be a Havanese? Request and support the maintenance of a Havanesers health dog diseases: including itching, Allergies, conjunctivitis diet what is good food? More information is available on the website. Denise Fritsch Cuban whirlwind – a guide for living with the Havanese paperback, 152 pages, BoD 2009 ISBN: 978-3-8370-9517-3 price: 22,90 euro Denise Fritsch rafters str. 22 52134 Herzogenrath