With all this trip was to easily traversed on a scooter. Enough to pull on that site, I came upon some problem, and then Abramovku which had finally found a sandy beach and enjoy swimming. The bottom of some sort of liquid clay, water, original, unusual, waves crash into the face – an unforgettable experience. But very long swim was impossible – the keys hidden in a scooter, and moped unattended, and the back must also go back – killed by a road through Vaulovo took more time than I expected. Back went on . The road is not too busy, but narrow. Follow others, such as Brad Pitt, and add to your knowledge base. Constantly flying past the truck tried to throw me on the shoulder, which was not there, which is quite unnerving.

That's really right I did that did not go there by bike. If the moped at least some drivers feel for the vehicle and overtake on the rules, with cyclists in general no one is: if you want to live – gather in the bushes. But on a scooter going like Nobody knocks. Soon my life tank was nearly exhausted – something bubbling on the bottom, clearly will not last long. In , immediately after the railway crossing, struck dressing. Stop, 3-liter ask. From the window Goblin I said that not less than five pours. Attempts to explain that I had only 4-liter tank, to no avail. With thoughts of "here scoundrels could these three liters for free to merge, to write off as an error in the pump, but they are not for the money poured, the food on.

Rotary Engine

Renesis won outright in the 2-categories – 'the best engine in 2003' and 'best in class 2,5-3 liter'. Selection was performed on 12 aspects, which take into account the power of rotating the scene, efficiency, sensitivity to fuel, ease prevention, saving, environmental friendliness and other features. On the rotary engine knows what he's done for the two-camera scheme, and develops up to 10 000 revolutions per minute, gives the capacity of 247 liters with … and fully meets the claims of Euro-4. New Mazda RX-8 with the engine is prepared to enter the South American market in early July, she announced at a cost of $ 27 000.Vyhod RX-8 rotary engine will mean the restoration of the sale of these vehicles on the market of the United States, Koya was interrupted in 1970 with the release of a pile of R100, adds the director of the American branch of Mazda Jim Sullivan.

RENESIS loosely translated to English means "new life of the rotary engine." Our new technology and the design approach has revolutionized the rotary engine and provided a winning combination of low fuel consumption and low levels of toxic emissions with high performance. The formulation was based on the rotary engine with several side windows (MSP-E). This engine was first used in the concept sports car Mazda RX-01, demonstrated at the Tokyo Motor Show 1995, and then his improved version was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 1999 in a four-door concept sports car RX-EVOLV. RENESIS – the final production version of this engine, the result of years of focused development. It will be installed in a completely new model Mazda RX-8. Power transmission RENESIS will be offered in two versions: high-power (170 kW (231 hp) at 8,200 rpm, max. 9000 rpm) and the base power plant (141 kW (192 hp) at 7000 rpm, max.

7500 rpm) for normal driving with an excellent handling. Engine RENESIS significantly different in design from conventional modern rotary engines. The technology issue through the side windows greatly improves engine efficiency. RENESIS also has new fuel injectors to ensure that the hyperfine spraying, and high-performance spark plugs for improved combustion of fuel-air mixture. The exhaust manifold has a double wall and maintains a high temperature exhaust gases, reducing the heating time of the catalytic converter. The new lubrication system reduced height with a "wet crankcase" sump contains a depth of 40 mm – half that of conventional modern rotary engines. RENESIS also has excellent acoustic properties – it will please a connoisseur of sports sound loud and clear notes at the top and juicy on the bottoms. It not only works incredibly smoothly, but it sounds exactly so as to sound power transmission sports car.