The Magic Of The Carnival Of Tenerife

Madrid, January 30, 2008. The Cabildo of Santa Cruz and eighties groups that participate in its Carnival have made an agreement whereby the latter undertake to disseminate the tourist image of the Canary Island. Meet one of the best carnivals in the world. Carnival begins, to be held from next Friday until February 10, is a popular festival, which according to the website of your municipality, dates from the fifteenth century. Starting this year, and under sponsorship deal done, the carnival groups undertake to use the logo in tourist identifiers and dissemination of the group. Because thousands of people take to the streets each year for more than a week, the Carnival holds, together with that of Cadiz, the maximum consideration for parties which gives the ministry with responsibility for tourism in Spain: January 18, 1980 was declared of International Tourist Interest. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Naveen Selvadurai.

Carnival has a different theme each year, which this year is ” magic “- and has two distinct parts: the carnival” official “carnival in the street. The official carnival has different groups of street musicians, parades, costumes, street musicians and musical groups competing. In turn, thousands of people come every day to the streets to participate in a costume. The street musicians are the most popular and consist of groups of people singing with lyrics in which is critical to the policy and problems of society in general, accompanied only by percussion. In turn, each year chooses the Carnival Queen at a gala usually broadcast on television in all. A jury composed of members of the municipal corporation and celebrities are responsible for choosing the queen. In fact, the Italian actress Sophia Loren will judge this year and announced that “probably” disfrazara.Los suits these queen candidates weigh between 150 and 200 kilos so the girls help with wheels for transportation. The chosen will be responsible for representing the Carnival in various tourism fairs.

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The White Night In Madrid

Here it comes again! The most magical night of the year is called La Noche en Blanco y is the biggest cultural celebration of Madrid. On 13 September, overnight, the streets of the city boil with the hustle of thousands of people and hundreds of proposals no doubt will transform the capital. La Noche en Blanco has become a reference point between the most famous cultural events, as well as one of the most celebrated festivals. Following the success of the two previous editions, this third edition is faced with the challenge of maintaining high artistic taken so far, surprised the people of Madrid and visitors and make them feel as an essential part of cultural life in the city. If we take a quick look at the program, all doubts were dispelled: Madrid is one of the more social and dynamic cities in Europe.

In one night, you can collect the best artistic projects worldwide. Geniuses of the likes of Pedro Almodovar, Chema Madoz, Eugenio Ampudia or Rodrigo Garcia, whose work are closely linked to the city, have created special pieces for this issue, based on the leitmotif of illusion, deception of the senses, magic, and the notion of 'nothing is what it seems?. And if there is a person who has succeeded in changing the way the world sees the reality of Spain in general and Madrid in particular, that person is Pedro Almodovar. This year, pays tribute to a creative act, with the participation Almodovar himself and Alberto Iglesias – using his scores – as well as two artists chosen by the director, who will perform the most famous songs of his films. But the agenda of the White Night goes much further. There will be about 150 events spread throughout the city. The avant-garde artists of the moment and facades grace the streets of the capital. La Puerta de Alcala recover its original function will be the entrance and exit of the city. El Palacio de la Cibeles will become the romantic scene where thousands of Madrid stifle their most passionate kisses, while the imposing building in Gran Via Telefonica will be transformed by Lang and Baumann. Chema Madoz bathe the Plaza Spain with the precious light of two moons, while two of the most representative sources of the city, Neptune and Colon, will be populated by giant rubber ducks designed by dEmo.