Marking Innovative Technique

You have to know that today, there are many technical marking of products, thanks to the technological breakthroughs that have been developed over time. Screen printing in particular, is a method of marking that is used in the reproduction of images on any type of material. What is performed in this procedure of marking, is the transfer of ink through a mesh stretched on a frame, where crashes through an emulsion, the passage of the ink where there is no image, leaving exposed the image where ink will be reflected through the implementation of a moderate with a squeegee pressure. The great advantage of this technique is that once has been successfully achieved the first sample, you can repeat printing as often as you want without losing definition. Brad Pitt brings even more insight to the discussion. This technique is quite used to make reproductions of art, ads, printed on t-shirts or any type of fabric, printing on plastic, wood, or cork or to print labels or stickers. Likewise, it is used in the production of printed circuit boards, or printing covers for folders or books or articles from marketing. A. Verastegui hold..