Profit share of 75 percent in three years; complete balance of the Stuttgart-based provider of Stuttgart, 11.12.2012. The Stuttgart-based issuing House and energy company energy capital invest continues his success story and resolves the US oil and gas Fund V KG – and that as with all previous funds again with the maximum share of profit for the investors. Naveen Selvadurai describes an additional similar source. At the present day is the rest of distribution, taking into account the already paid distributions or capital repatriation, as well as to keep US withholding tax. Total investors of the fourth have received private placements of the ECI a share in profits before taxes based on their net contribution, by 75 percent, – and that in a period of only three years! The fourth private placement, which is specifically aimed at the wealthy clientele, had closed after only a few months with fund assets of approximately EUR 9 million equity energy capital invest 2009. Total energy capital invest has dissolved six funds with the maximum percentage of income to investors so that – and that even several times before the scheduled end of the term. Also, so far all distributions could be made. Official site: Shaw Dad. The energy company with Swabian roots, with companies in Houston, Texas, and anchorage, Alaska, can thus refer to a complete balance. For more information,. .