Fast-zoom can be deciphered from the name, it means shooting without a sight. In principle, you can shoot without any zoom, but in CS firing of AWP no zoom is not exactly in the center and a little ASL or right above or below the general curve well =) if I do not mistaken, this bug has been removed after the release of counter-strike 1.3. Well perhaps you can begin to describe the simple and not very simple way to shoot from AWP in Counter-strike 1.6 no zoom: 1) Can you feel the middle of the screen out of habit, so you should just be zadrotom AWP, all professional players either 'spawn' 'LeX' 'Zipper' '400 kg ', etc. use exactly this way, this is probably the most correct way, and this would be the only way if it had not come up with the second and third item =). By the same author: technology investor. 2) You can put in the middle of the screen point felt-tip pen or marker, but be careful with this because if you put it wryly then wash it would be long and painful =), this method is the simplest and most uncommon, but point on the screen neduobno play with because when you're far from an ordinary fire arms you will not see the enemy, so this way, though not entirely easy but deytsvenny navryatli and justify your expectations! So you'd better take a look at item 3, it is more modern and convenient! 3) In my opinion the most effective and convenient way to download the best weapon model for AWP, AWP in taking the middle you will have sight like a conventional weapon that very comfortable and at Scout you will also have sight in the middle! To set up models of weapons to his counter-strike, follow the instructions: 1. For Non-steam 2 file types. Mdl put it in the counter-strike 1.6cstrikemodels to the question 'replace existing' click YES! 2. Steam for 2 file types. Mdl put it in the SteamSteamApps counter-strikecstrike_russianmodels For greater certainty this screen