Solar System

There is water in the Cosmos? This fascinating question is object of discussion for a long time in the scientific community. At the moment it is known that the water molecule is concentrated, in the form of ice and of steam, in some privileged places, essentially in certain cold clouds of our galaxy. But the Solar System only contains important water concentrations and the Earth only has its liquid form. So that the Earth enjoys that privilege? From where comes the water and since it has formed? In this article recontruye its history, from its training in the surroundings of cold stars to his completes adventure in planets of the Solar System. Is it – in the form of steam or of ice – in the atmosphere of some stars, in molecular clouds, numerous ice satellites of the Solar System, in comets and planets of the Solar System. But what is exceptional, it is the water presence in liquid state: the Earth is the unique place at the moment known in which the water appears in this form.

From where the terrestrial water comes so indispensable for the life? So that it subsists, and so barely in addition, in liquid form? In order to include it the astronomers they have reconstructed the adventure of the water in the Cosmos that begins around certain cold stars and that lead, after the formation of the Solar System, to the water and the present ice in planets. The water can be formed of natural form in diverse regions of the Universe from its components – hydrogen H and oxygen 0. The hydrogen represents more of 70% of the visible mass of the universe. With regards oxygen, it constitutes around a 1%. But the presence of these atoms is not enough to make the existence possible of the water: it is necessary that concrete conditions favor the formation and the survival of their molecules.