Scrapping Premium

The ERP vendor Schubert & Salzer data GmbH has decided because of the still-weak economy, to extend the deadline for the cash for clunkers for old ERP systems up to 2010. Schubert & Salzer data GmbH will pay a single premium of EUR 5,000 new customers of your ERP solutions datasystems or datasystemsguss, if they buy at least ten seat licenses. With the purchase of more than 25 seats, the premium rises to EUR 10,000. The economic situation has improved little in our target group. So we want with our action put a sign and give the company an additional impulse to the transition to a modern and efficient ERP industry solution”, explained Sales Manager Erich Geier the extension of the cash for clunkers. Datasystems by optimizing the processes and procedures using our ERP software and the know-how of our consultants are our customers will be able to run your business more efficient, more cost-effective and transparent,”says Vulture. Norm is a continuous datasystems ERP business solution for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

Target industries are among the manufacturers of fittings and valves, foundries, sheet metal fabricators, Molders and plant and machine builders. For more information about the software to the individual target industries and the manufacturer, see the Internet at the address. Download of the press release at download.