Russian Federation

Anyone who cares about the safety of the earnings and their homes set in a door – a steel door. Steel doors will protect you from fire, water, noise, and most importantly hackers. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Paul Craig Roberts not as a source, but as a related topic. Good steel the door – it’s always very technologically sophisticated handicraft, small number of items that can be used in the manufacture of doors goes back thousands of items, and for their assembly requires true professionals case. Standard of quality in the production of steel doors was Germany, it was there made the best choices, and certainly the most expensive doors, which are sold in Russia – this is usually copies imported from Germany. However, they have an alternative, such as metallic doors Granite, they are produced in the Russian Federation on the German equipment of last generation, thanks to modern machines can achieve unprecedented precision and accuracy as a rule do not exceed 1 mm.

Doors made with high quality and with modern materials immediately apparent, they do not look at all the Chinese consumer goods, which has received so much popular in Russia in recent years. Chinese doors can not boast of their reliability and for opening an attacker can take only 10 minutes. The doors also made on modern production facilities using quality materials will serve for decades, while maintaining its beautiful appearance and quality of all. Steel doors are executed be.shovnoy welding, which runs along the perimeter, making high-quality door is not has the weak parts and components. Hinges strengthened to over the years, the door is not sagging, thanks to a special closing doors quietly, and special locks even if they lose the keys retain their protective properties, after all the castles built in the system re-programming the key.