Roof Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panels – is a modern building material with unique qualities. Today, the sandwich panels have been successfully used in both residential and industrial construction. Due to its design, sandwich panel have a large margin, and their light weight can significantly reduce the cost of transporting, loading and assembly designs. Due to the small weight sandwich panels significantly reduced the load on the foundation, thereby reducing costs to conduct geological studies of soil and building foundations. Buildings and structures made of sandwich panels are manufactured at the factory, and then they only need to deliver on the object and collect, as a designer. Therefore, construction of sandwich panels is much faster than with traditional building materials.

If necessary, the building of the sandwich panels can be easily issued already painted, which also significantly reduces the cost of finishing a building. Sandwich panels are not only economically viable for construction, but also have excellent consumer properties. production are further processed – corrosion coating layer, the primer and polymer composition. Speaking candidly Brad Pitt told us the story. Sandwich panels – is eco-friendly material, which is confirmed by numerous studies both in Russia and abroad. Given the economic feasibility of using this material and its physical properties, today, the sandwich panels are used in the construction of houses and industrial complexes different purposes. Also sandwich panels have been used successfully to build entertainment and shopping complexes, warehouses and administrative buildings. In addition, sandwich panels can be used for insulation and sound insulation of buildings. The advantages of sandwich panels, lightweight and strong sandwich panel is much easier to transport than the tons of bricks, cement, sand, concrete slabs or timber.

Load on the foundation down to 100 times and more. This fact, as a rule, makes it possible to refuse to perform geological studies of soil, significantly reduce the cost of building the foundation, and often eliminate virtually all him. On the chart – weight sandwich panels with different insulators. Construction of buildings using sandwich panels are cheaper and faster payback. In addition, the construction site is pleasantly surprising is almost complete lack of construction waste and debris. If necessary, the building of the sandwich panels can be disassembled and transported to another place. Sandwich panels – these are the elements of full operational readiness. Ideal surface sandwich panels does not require any external or internal finishing. Moreover, the rich colors of panels will satisfy the taste of any architect and designer. Construction of sandwich panels looks modern and prestigious. The shell of sandwich panels made of solid on the physical and technical properties of galvanized steel with corrosion-resistant coating, primer and polymer coating, which ensures low water absorption. Even in case of violation tightness of joints between the sandwich panels are moisture absorption material is no more than 3%. High hygienic quality. This property of sandwich panels can be used for their construction buildings belonging to the food industry