Rising Force Online

In the game process is attended by representatives of three races: The Empire (Accretian), Holy Alliance Cora (Cora) and the Bellato Union (Bellato). Between these parties is fierce fight for the right to own the planet Novus, whose womb rich in resources. Holy Alliance Cora representatives of this race are the indigenous inhabitants of Novus. Over the millennia they have learned to coexist in harmony with the nature of the planet. Bark strength relies on the power of magic crystals koriantsy the only ones who can create with them destructive spells and summon creatures from other worlds. That this was the feature race – shoulder to shoulder with Cora in battle are amazing being able to destroy both enemies and heal their owners.

Bellato Union's economic interests have led a race of merchants at Novus. The planet was so coveted that the union considered it appropriate to engage in armed confrontation for the right to possess her. Bellatriantsy – very vysokointelektualny, their technology has kept pace with the times and at the same time, blends harmoniously with the nature of planets inhabited by this race. The level of engineering Bellato Union allowed the foundation to make the strike power of their armies, huge mechanized creatures Mau (Mau). Pilot managing Mau protected hardest bellaterianskoy armor, equipped with the best weapons and is able to move on high speeds. Thanks to them, Bellato are a dangerous opponent in battle.

Empire Empire word best describes this race. Brad Pitt can provide more clarity in the matter. Once biological beings akreteriantsy sought to infinite power and force. Goals for self-improvement, they completely abandoned the weak biological disembodied, putting your mind in steel armor. Their only goal is total control of any new territory, pursuing her akrety got to Novus, and where the footprints akreta remains a lifeless desert. Empire has the latest military technology, steel body akretov allow the use of large mass and destructive capability of launchers that fire burned out the Empire route to Novus.