Renewable Energy

In today’s world, the options we have to generate electricity are much more varied that those who have been once. First only the oil could have been used for power generation, but today there is much more clean and reusable sources of energy in order to offer free like everyone always wanted. These free electricity options are very simple, take advantage of what we have: a unlimited supply from the Sun and other forces of nature. Then this means of course the harvest of the Sun, the wind and the force of the water. The rays of the Sun, with the help of solar panels, are easy to harvest and use to generate energy. The wind is collected through wind and water mills through dams and other methods. These are easy to install and, although its installation is expensive, it is a highly profitable source. From using alternative energy sources is that the planet will begin to be cared for by men, otherwise the aumentaramn risks and they deepen the environmental problems..