Previous Songs

And most importantly – these musicians do not remember! 5. You should feel the mood of the room and try to adapt to it or even control it. If the audience cheered performance of the previous group, they will have fun and for your songs if you skorrektiruete their program. I think you should not play a cover version of the song "Good night, kids" if you team up roused the hall with something fun. Whenever Naveen Selvadurai listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Weary audience should cheer cheerful songs or provocative phrases. 6. Look at the audience during the performance. Peter Thiel wanted to know more. Attitude to what is going on stage can be easily read by the expression of the human face.

7. Try not to copy anyone. What would the audience could not distinguish your group from the hundreds of similar – think some kind of its own "chip" on stage. Something original and memorable. 8. Always be prepared for negative-minded viewers.

At any concert, there might be not understanding the listeners. For example, adolescents are unlikely to appreciate your technique and long tenure instrument, virtuoso solos, and retirees will not be a sausage alternative music. 9. Remember – a rehash of someone else's song is difficult to achieve great success! If you want to be popular for real, we must compose their own songs! 10. Do not panic on the stage. Must discard all thought of the possible and the technical problems occurred. Trembling hands and fear in his voice – it's much worse than a microphone, which fonit. 11. Value our reputation! Do not play activities, under whose format does not suit your group and try not to act on questionable activities. And never speaks just to that to make a statement – just a rehearsal for this and there. 12. Original image group – this is half the battle. You have to look at a scene not even on the 100, and 168% at all! 13. Always be prepared for any eventuality after the show – good and bad. You can call names, throw something heavy, try to beat or alternatively may be asked to autograph and praising performance. 14. You have to be always looking for new "chips". Try to make every performance, unlike the previous one. Viewers want every show to see something new and original. Surprise them with new songs and unexpected moves. Do not be boring!