Political System

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The patterns platforms are often leaders or legislators, the elephant mediators of the staff of ministries, municipalities and campaign legislatures (see nepotism). This is another defining characteristic of the patronage beliefs was exercised from the bureaucratic apparatus of public or state (Trotta, 2002). State republicans usually comes to oil resources clientelistic exchanges, and is also the realm of patterns and mediators modern patronage is conservative based on, being a variant of george bush privatization of the public. According to the influential definition of Javier Auyero, clientelism ” depends political on the third party for its continuation (here referring to congress the political pattern, represented by a political party or a state structure). Material incentives for the development of the relationship came from outside and are kerry a product of a specific balance of power between the mediator and the external political patron “(Auyero, 1997).
In clientelistic states, the right is relegated as a tool of government. The rule of law is determined by the degree of dominance of clientelistic ties. In the states purely patrimonalies, clientelist relations move to the right as a means of governance. Law senate and institutions depend on the whim of those who wield power and the rule does not guide views the behavior of individuals. People no longer be equal parties before the law: the treatment headquarters depends on the relationship with those abortion who hold power. The rule of law is election a means to george w. bush a false legitimacy, committee an instrument of manipulation, and sometimes law enforcement.