National System Curriculum

In the present presidential term the denominated Integral Reformation of the Education has started up average Superior, with a model that it tries the equalization of the curricula in all the country by means of the National System of the Baccalaureate. The System leans in four pillars: 1. Construction of Common Curricular Marco. 2. Definition and recognition of potions of the supply of the Education Average Superior. 3.

Professionalisation of the educative services. 4. Complementary National certification. Even though the model of the reform tries to form to the young one for the learning throughout the life by means of the acquisition of educative competitions the curriculum falls in the trap of the encyclopaedism since it centers the learning in the curriculum and not in the student. when establishing loaded training programs of information that the professor must obtain by means of learnings by exhibition or discovery in reduced time spaces, forcing to professors and students to a competition where what matters in fulfilling the program and not it acquisition of significant learnings. But that in addition no vigilant the joint with the basic education, concretely with the secondary one. The hope of a structural change only is in the professionalisation of the practice of the educational one; a new professional practice of teaching that the professor leads to question the object of the enciclopedistas contents, while it struggles by the formation of a student able to solve as much existential problems as academic, before to worry about a debit profile that exclusively takes care of to form to enter to education superior. Perhaps it is hour to invest the pyramid for the design of a pertinent and excellent curriculum for the Mexican young people of the 21st century. Mirentras in the curricular model of the baccalaureate persists the idea that the important thing is to teach with encyclopedic criterion and the significant learning is relegated will continue journeying in the education like a ghost del that all speak but nobody can see.

Internet Science

Words key: Computer science, alfabetizao, Introduction INTRODUCTION One of the areas that more grow in the world is of computer science. Today we can find computers in the places where it would not be imagined to have to a time backwards as bakeries, markets, aougues, store of the commerce in general, with the purpose to list customers, to enter the box, to manage cameras of monitoring and until the supply. We also have computers in library, bookstores, for the consultation of archives, beyond the great number of computers spread in all the places with several other purposes. One of the great easinesses that computer science brought was the access the Internet that is one of the medias more used by people of some social classrooms and some ages. Each time more children with little age are using the same computer before the complete alfabetizao. With this, the necessity to become the so common computer how much the television, and to give to the access it of form that the people dominate its use and if becomes beyond efficient users, professional each time more experienced. For this, schools are placing computers to the disposal of the pupils, if becoming each more necessary time a project where the children can entertain themselves and learn at the same time. With the necessity to more early include daily computer science in educational each time, as to include children not yet alfabetizadas? One understands that the introduction of computer science in the learning and alfabetizao, comes as something transforming of values, forms to think and to construct of diverse forms. Many professors still today do not have computer science knowledge, being thus, its agreement of world is not the same which the school and the alfabetizao if relate. If an educator does not have this knowledge, he will not be able to pass its pupils who computer science can introduziz it in the society of more complete form since the intention of the studies and to include citizens prepared for the inclusion in the society of participativa form with work, thoughts and action.

Correct Installation Work

The main secret of the success entrepreneurs is that it enchants to them what they do. You like what beams? Because if it enchants what beams to you, always you will be more productive and more effective than if beams something that you do not like. It only asks a professional soccer player if the days of rain tele prefers to remain in house seeing or play a party. Certainly it will choose always its sport. It is always easy to do something that you like.

One of the responsibilities that we have in the life and which we had to consider is to find something that really you would like to do. Something reason why you have a natural talent and it enchants to you to do. The millionaires who have become to themselves, are those who have found the subject that they liked and that it allowed to develop his natural talent them. If you discover something in which you are creative, he allows to develop all your potential and benefits to do, you will have much cattle. For the entrepreneurs who have prevailed, the work does not represent work to them, simply are dedicated to its passion. They do not think about that they are going to work, does not cost to rise to them by the mornings, nor they think for years, that soon they are going to change of work. If you work in which you like, you will stay focused in which beams and the time will happen very quickly, totally you will be absorbed. To work in that you like and that it represents the natural expression of your special abilities and your talent.

When you like to do something and you enjoy and so beams, it seems that the ideas and the energy with great force flow. And that helps you to even make the things better. Why not to ask the following thing.

Personal Factors Energy

With general character, which is fattened or become thin is the difference, positive or negative, respectively, between the ingested calories and the spent ones. Vista thus, the fat that we accumulated is not more than an energy reserve. But the personal differences cause that the question is not so simple. First of these differences one talks about the basal metabolism, that is the minimum amount of energy that a person needs to live: to breathe, to maintain the activity, the operation of the kidneys, the brain, etc. cardiac Are, in summary, the power consumption in absolute rest, and vary from a person to another one based on a series of factors like age, sex, height, weight, stress and others. Relatively small differences in the basal metabolism of two individuals can be in the end important, since esteem that this metabolism supposes around the 55 70% of total the power consumption, corresponding the rest (30 45%) to the physical exercise and the heat production.

The other factor that differentiates to people from others is the saving genotype, that is to say, the genetic predisposition to save energy and to accumulate it in the form of fat. After ingesting food, which supposes the glucose presence in the blood, there are organisms that feed in abundance certain cells on the body, like the muscular ones, and so it is not hardly energy to be stored in the form of fat; on the contrary, others have developed ” habilidad” to feed these cells with frugalidad and to store the leftover energy like greasy matter. The saving genotype has been, during thousands of years, a clear evolutionary advantage. Before the frequent periods of prolonged food deficiency for want of hunting or harvesting, the individuals with saving genotype had more reserves (greasy) to survive, whereas those that did not have this genotype could die of hunger. But our developed society, of abundance of tempting and cheap food, this advantage has become, as we know, in disadvantage. Besides these two factors, it could not yet have others shortages that mark more differences between people and others. Anyway, the knowledge of these circumstances would have to tranquilize you bring back to consciousness and to extinguish culpabilities, but never to relax efforts nor to induce to the fatalism of those who undergoes overweight: to become thin, besides very advisable for them, is possible.

The unconditional promise

The unconditional promise to pay a certain sum of money and their interests The note, unlike the bill of exchange, has an unconditional promise to pay a sum of money and their interests in domestic or international equivalent. The sum must be expressed in number (s) and letters, as the currency in which the payment. If paid in foreign currency must indicate the exchange rate between the currencies or equivalent, to be taken into account when due. This requirement is what distinguishes it from other bonds.


OLYMPICS BASQUE COUNTRY KITCHEN CUISINE With the Framework Agreement between the Seine and the Basque Government that has as one of its objectives internationally mobilize learners of different training programs for the realization of SENA courses, work placements or internships to promote competitiveness and productive technological development, where 48 apprentices participate in an internship in professional training centers in the Basque Country for a period of twelve weeks from 12 January to 3 April 2009. Based on the results obtained in the first where there were psychological and behavioral tests, stage of the competition in the area of Gastronomy, the top three apprentices each Center, traveled to Bogota to the test that was conducted on 15 October 2008 with the purpose of participating in the National Olympiad, the National Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Food and for both the interview with each. Learners participants for Agroecology and Business Center, Fusagasug , Cundinamarca Regional were: Daniel Camilo Santana, Cristian Rojas and Martha Elizabeth Finch. Within these Olympics learners of different centers due One (1) creative menu consisting of typical Colombian 2 servings (main course and dessert), the recipe was structured technically to two (2) portions, menu and recipe developed technically and submitted in writing and the dessert would be made with native fruits of the participant’s home region in any of the preparations to teach. The jury consisted of a group of national experts chefs cooking on the subject, who according to the guidelines of the contest, gave the objective qualification to each participant. The professional jury selected the 10 best learners, defining first, second and third place, where our trainees stood out, because in the second would be Daniel Camilo Santana, and third place nationally would be Martha Elizabeth Finch, who with the unconditional support of everyone in Central and especially with the collaboration, teaching and knowledge of Marine Instructor Victor Cepeda, these young people showed all his abilities and skills developed within their training and nowonly travel bag and is ready to take advantage of this great opportunity Angela Cecilia Lopez Soacha Virtuality SENA

The Energy

The power plants, exactly receive prominence for its great importance in the process from creation of the sustainable development of any nation, and for its importance as source competitive advantage for the productive units in the market. You vary clean power plants are being developed and used to cure this Brazilian deficiency. But one of these power plants calls the attention for its efficiency as alternative source of energy, in the containment of costs with electric energy and others in the process of generation of auto-sustainable energy, promoting redirecionamento of energy comings of hydroelectric plants and diminishing costs of energy for the companies, is the solar or fotovoltaica energy. The fotovoltaica solar energy, fruit of the direct conversion in electricity, the form that has presented the development more notable in recent years. The fotovoltaicos systems have received great attention from the community international technique. As consequence, they have been pointed as ones of the great chances in the energy sector in this principle of millenium.

Systems of fotovoltaica generation have been used of two forms: separately and in co-generation. In companies who are in remote localities, that not they count on supply of conventional electric energy, in regions of difficult access to the electric net, and in great urban centers that search alternative power plants for the high indices of consumption, isolated fotovoltaicos systems can be the solution. In this in case that, the generated energy must partially be stored in banks of batteries. The excess of energy generated during periods of raised solar radiation, or low consumption, can be stored, for use during the night, for example. Fotovoltaicos systems can be the principal source of energy for enterprise consumption. To another possible situation it involves the use of a fotovoltaico system of generation as a source of electricity hardwired in parallel with the electric net, in co-generation. In this system, the consumer primarily uses the energy generated local in fotovoltaicos panels.

Energy Efficiency

The 5 of March Energetics is celebrated anywhere in the world the Day of the Efficiency, a date to reflect on the habits of the citizens against the sustainable and rational use of the energy and the commitment of companies, institutions and governments with the reduction of gas discharges of greenhouse effect. This day has its origins in 1998 in Austria, soothes of the first international conference of Efficiency Energetics where more than 350 experts and leaders of 50 countries they discussed strategies to face the energy crisis and to approach possible solutions. During this day in numerous forums and organisms one works and it discusses as they are the best ways to live better and to continue with our present system of life reducing the power consumption in all the scopes, without for that reason losing quality, productivity and comfort. This year comes marked by the approval in the congress from the new project star of Rodriguez Zapatero, the first draft of the Law of Sustainable Economy that feels the bases for a new power model been becoming in the security of provision, the economic efficiency and the respect to the environment, determining the objectives of power saving for the Administration. The Government incorporates to the legal ordering measured that allows us to fulfill the commitments contracted with the European Union for year 2020 consisting of trimming the carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) in a 20%, to improve the efficiency energetics in another 20% and that 20% of the energy that consumes come from renewable sources. In order to achieve these Spain objectives he must realise a concerted effort working in the development of technologies, efficient products and services in the fields with potential major of energy saving, fomenting responsible habits, that do possible a smaller power consumption, improving the competitiveness of the companies and the quality of personal life.

Generated Electric Energy

This work was carried through with intention to present solutions techniques for a beer industry, giving a viable destination to its generated residues. The Project aims at to reaproveitar these residues for the production of biogs through biodigestores, and thus to make possible the use of the same as half of if converting this biogs into electric energy, brightening up the generated ambient impacts. 1. INTRODUCTION Currently diverse industries of innumerable branches, are if dedicating to the related questions the support. Ones of the forms to make with the same ones becomes each time more sustainable is to consider alternative solutions in set with better gerenciamentos of its rejeitos, similar to improve them economically, socially and ambiently. With the purpose to minimize the impacts caused for the generated liquid rejeitos with the manufacture of the beer, and to promote the development and the efficient use of the biomass generated I assist with it of biodigestores, and thus to apply technologies to convert gas generated in electric energy as sustainable source. The present project to interdisciplinar has as objective to carry through sustainable techniques, integrating knowledge acquired in and integral, Physical Differential calculus applied and Chemical Analytical, you discipline then given.

Solar Energy

To the quarrel on the climatricas alterations on the part of the European Union, Portugal committed to reduce it the emissions of carbon dioxide and to improve the energy efficiency in, at least, 20% until the o year of 2020. To obtain to reach this objective the country committed to increase it the number of barrages and the number De Campos of aeolian energy, thus guaranteeing to increase the energy produced through the natural resources. The numbers have increased exponentially, showing as soon as the country are pledged in diminishing the dependence of the energies did not renew, thus improving the environment and the natural resources. Fotovoltaicos parks the presence of park fotovoltaicos in Portugal is each bigger time, being this great trunfo of the country to reach the levels ideas of the natural resources for the houses of the Portuguese. The Central office Fotovoltaica Hrcules, located in concelho of Serpa (the one of the zones most favorable in all Europe), possesss about 64 hectares and has about 52 a thousand fotovoltaicos panels, one number sufficiently raised for a so small zone. Although the presence of this high number of panels, these are installed about 2 meters of the ground, allowing as soon as the land continue to serve for agriculture. The construction of this park of solar energy was initiated in May of 2006 and was inaugurated the 28 of March of 2007, having the capacity to supply to electric energy the 8000 homes, thus preventing the emission of about 19 a thousand tons of carbon dioxide the environment. The Solar Central office Fotovoltaica de Amareleja, situated in the life of Amareleja and concelho of Moura, has the capacity to supply about 30 a thousand homes, through 2520 azimuthal solar followers who possess 104 solar panels each one. This central office can thus prevent the emission of about 86 a thousand tons of carbon dioxide, being one of the greaters operating currently in Portugal.