Any activity by simple as it may seem, you’ll need enough energy to start, make and complete the task that you’ve proposed. Imagine that your energy is produced and deposited in a large container which you are extracting every time that you need it and also need to maintain a minimum level to continue functioning properly. Some activities, situations and people linked to your life will consume some of your energy, unless it is transformed into something productive, is as if that container began to leak, which will force you to make one greater effort to replenish it. Surely at this point you’ll be remembering the times that you’ve surprised thinking something like that person I exhausted or this has me exhausted this work overwhelms me etc, and is not about the amount of work or activity, but the additional energy that you need to force you to accept things that are not to your liking, while other times dedicaras hours and hours of work to a very pleasant activitythat despite the time you will not feel exhausted. What tolerate must learn to identify these activities, situations and people that steal your energy and perform actions that allow to avoid its influence. Some things that you probably tolerate and leave for some time: Uncomfortable calls that you do but you leave for later. Necessary conversations with people who cause you fear, which you avoid while you’re waiting some miracle to solve the problem without having to talk to them.

Fix something that doesn’t work in your House, like a light bulb, a dispenser of SOAP or rope to hang a picture. Filing or processing any document, obtain a peace and except, a certificate, or replace a lost document. Any bank transaction, pay the receipt of services, claiming a checkbook, deliver a letter informing change of address or updating your data.


The presentation layer: One of the aspects of the site to be be taken to consider a promotion strategy is the presentation layer. The presentation layer developed in the wrong way you can tear the Web site. Navigation should be simple, clearly labeled buttons and links, the user should always be able to return to the home from all pages, a site map can be useful for visitors and robots. The presentation will also be part of your strategy, but remember you always depending on the balance between what your visitors are and what you need to be indexed in search engines. Promotion and Optimization: Once your site is already published only just starting if you do not promote in search engines and potential customers your chances of success are slim. Today, success depends directly on the promotion, some ideas are: to google adword campaigns, banner, direct mail advertising, links, etc. and of course always have the possibility of hiring professionals to do all the work for you. The same happens with the process optimization, Web sites as I have said above should always be prepared for search engines as these are going to be an endless supply of visits which can be converted to buyers within the optimization, we find two cases where we believe the site from the beginning where we can manipulate the content and guide you to the search we need and if the site already created in this case is known as conversion optimization we seek to analyze the site based on what already have and make the necessary changes so that these visitors are turning into potential buyers, remember that you only have six seconds to convince your visitors that traverse the site..

The Reinforcement

– Will be developed mainly during the initial phase of learning. BASIC GUIDELINES – The guide walked soberly approaches without any extra movements or verbal pronunciation in the direction of point location (where the dog is usually found), must stop where it considers that the dog has passed the minimum support enough. – No technique is applied if any demand for support after the dog or return the same to the guide, in order to avoid possible harmful conditions. SIZING TECHNIQUE FOR STRENGTHENING CONTROL TRIPLE OBJECTIVE – To increase the positive effect of reinforcement – Encourage the signaling pattern whenever needed – Check the positive achievement of success by the dog in the work of searching, preserving and promoting their motivational level against this activity. CIRCUMSTANCES OF IMPLEMENTATION During the initial education and training, especially during the development of search chains. BASIC GUIDELINES The instructor stands at a strategic point for observing it with minimal interruption, the dog's behavior to develop the search and act accordingly.

Monitor transceiver by three key variables: – helper has to reinforce concrete. – Time to start the reinforcement. – How to make the reinforcement (intensity, duration …) shall first be assessed a whole range of key factors: – intended learning goals with the development of exercise. – Signs carried by the dog (fluency, perseverance, receiver …) – State or motivational energy observed in the specimen. – Possible states of confusion or inhibition in the dog. Indeed, the instructor should capture and analyze on the fly those reflected by the significant nuances copy during the act of searching or signaling, in order to control a real effectiveness the three variables mentioned above.

International Astronomical Union

Imagine, for example, a model reduced that the Sun would be represented by a ball of football (about 22 cm in diameter). At this scale, the Earth would be 23.6 m away and would be a sphere with just 2 mm in diameter (the moon would be about 5 cm from the ground and would have a diameter of about 0.5 mm). Jupiter and Saturn would ball with about 2 cm in diameter, to 123 and 226 m from the Sun respectively. Pluto would be 931 m away from the Sun, with close to 0.3 mm in diameter. As soon as the nearest star (Proxima Centauri) would be 6,332 km from the Sun, and star Syrian 13.150 km.

main objects of the central system Solar star El Sol is the star of the planetary system found in the Earth; Therefore, it is the closest to the Earth and the star with greater apparent brightness. Its presence or its absence in the sky determine, respectively, the day and the evening. The energy radiated by the Sun is harnessed by photosynthetic beings, which constitute the basis of the food, thus being the main source of life energy chain. It also provides the energy that keeps running climate processes. The Sun is a star located in the phase called main sequence, with a type spectral G2, which was formed about 5000 million years ago and will remain on the main sequence approximately another 5000 million years. The Sun, along with the Earth and all the celestial bodies that orbit to its form around the Solar System. Planets on 24 August 2006, in Prague, in the XXVI General Assembly the International Astronomical Union (IAU), excluded Pluto as a planet in the Solar System. After a long dispute about this resolution, the decision was taken unanimously.

This recognizes the error of having awarded the category of Planet Pluto in 1930, year of its discovery. From that day the Solar system is made up of 8 planets. 8 Planets of the Solar system, according to its proximity to the Sun, are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Planets are stars that describe paths called orbits to rotate around the Sun, have enough mass for its gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that they assume a spherical hydrostatic equilibrium (practically) and have cleared the neighbourhood of its orbit of planetesimals. Scientists have called Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune gas planets in their atmospheres contain gases such as helium, hydrogen, and methane, without knowing with certainty its surface structure. Dwarf planets shortly after its discovery in 1930, Pluto was classified as a planet by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). However, based on subsequent discoveries, a debate was opened by some, in order to reconsider that decision. Finally, on August 24, 2006 the IAU decided that the number of planets is not extended to 12, as proposed in the meeting that kept its members in Prague, but that was reduced from 9 to 8. The big hurt of this new cosmic order was, again, the controversial Pluto, whose small size and its dynamic evolution in Solar system led to the members of the IAU to exclude definitively from its new definition of planet.

Systems Biometric

While millions of companies use some access controls, to restrict admission to certain areas, such controls are not infallible. Thus, magnetic stripe cards can be stolen, access passes can be forgotten and in many cases identification cards can be falsified. With all these problems, it is very possible that more than once, an unauthorized person has managed to outwit an access control system. Biometric systems can prevent this keep going. To use the features of a person as either a single or a combination of several-, your identity can be verified with a high level of precision. A biometric access can be applied in many ways. It is so commercial companies, military and even organizations non-profit institutions; they make use of this type of advance.

For example, many businesses only allow some employees entering certain areas, also, pharmaceutical companies give scientists access to their test laboratories, while some schools enroll their students using biometric systems. One example more specific, can be seen in Germany, where the electronic pass (ePass), which is a small chip that is implanted in the index finger of a person has been applied. This chip contains a photo of the person, as well as his fingerprints. People have a variety of unique features that can be identified. These can be used with different levels of success in a verification of identity. Many biometric access controls used a single, several qualities. The 5 most common qualities are:-fingerprints: each person has a set of fingerprints that are unique. -Iris: iris of a person can be analyzed for known, in a process of identifying patterns to authenticate.

-Facial features: factions in the face of a person can be compared to verify patterns that have been recorded in a database. -Voice patterns: when a person record his voice, is You can create a vocal signature that can be used in a future identification. -Hand geometry: hands, despite seem equal, are different in each person, due to its curves, its thickness and the position of the joints if it seeks a totally reliable access control, it is best go to biometric systems. These systems could eliminate all the problems, that the conventional mechanisms of access could never overcome.

Prime Minister

U.S. chooses its Presidents with a model that is halfway which governs South and North of its borders. Latin America has been taking the French system in which the President should be elected with more than 50% of the votes, allowing that there are two turns and that a plurality of parties that express to bases and different social projects they can compete in the first. Canada has the same model of Great Britain in which no President but a head of State for life and legacy (Queen Elizabeth II), and where the head of Government is a Prime Minister elected by a single-member Parliament. As there is no proportional representation the winner tends to stay with everything (the British Labour holds 55% of the Parliament despite the fact that it took only 35% of the votes). U.S. shares with the first model being a presidential Republic but lacks two turns. USA is not a constitutional monarchy but his agent is not elected directly, and the candidate who wins a State gets all electors of this (which may be cases like the) Bush who came to the White House despite having lost on votes). With that system USA has managed to be the only major country that has managed to avoid m ACE of two parties.

Time Typing System

Someone read: I want to share with you how to take advantage of life; because life is the time; and if I properly take life; I’m taking advantage of correctly time. When I converse with someone who I just know, often ask me: that you do? Interesting question. I would refer the same concern. What do you do? When we start to think in detail in the response, we can find approaches that rarely intersect us through the mind. That is what I do? What are my goals in life? With whom I share my time? Where am I going? We all have different goals in life, but in many cases, there are multiple matches.

My partner, my children, my job, my studies, my parents, my favorite sport, myself, etc. It’s knowing what put first on my list of priorities. In life there are specific needs; each of us has them. However, I would like to express myself a little on some of them, without which it would be difficult to meet each other. My body and my mind: No matter that you charge ocupes or that you’re so busy.

If you do not stop along the way, possibly your health problems may affect your other States. (Financial, family, etc.) Everything you want to do in life, is preferable to do so with a body and mind healthy. There are several ways to do physical exercise. You do not necessarily have to run 5 miles every day to stay in shape. Remember that walk, swim, ride a bike, Hidroaerobicos, they are a good alternative. Even the latter is in addition to healthy, relaxing. Neither generates impact on your joints and stimulates the muscles. I recommend it. I walk 2 times per week for 50 minutes and practice my favorite sport 1 or 2 times a week. When you finish a few refereeing courses softball I’m doing I’ll see the possibility of making the hidroaerobicos.


Of course, the logo is not always necessary: in general, it is included in the web-pages just in case, if the site has commercial focus. The bulk of the document is the so-called text box – the area where located and semantic content page informative informative text and illustrations. These elements are called con-tent (from English, content – the content). Placement of the text field depends primarily on how the web-designer to place the remaining elements of the document. Another necessary component part web-page are navigation elements – hyperlinks, linking the document to other sections of the site.

Navigation items can be fulfilled in the form of lines of text, graphics, buttons, ie, either active components, for example Java-applets. The latter are the same buttons, which, unlike their traditional sisters know how to react to mouse movements, performing when you hover the mouse over them any easy steps (Inclusion of light, creating the effect of depression, change shape, etc.). As I mentioned in the General section, 'postulates' web-design, the navigation should be placed so that they were always in sight, close at hand, the is such that the user does not have to wind off a page back, if the text box height is more physical screens, after which the long search for links to other topics. The most well-established approach is the placement of navigation elements at the left of the page. At the bottom of the document taken to publish information about the developers of the site and e-mail address of the resource on which visitors can send owners page your feedback, and suggestions. If the web-page is the starting document in the bottom of the well placed hit counter – a little script that invokes on the server-CGI-script which records each opening of the document in a browser, users, changing the value of the indicator meter. Through this web-master to easily determine the number of visitors, to visit his page for any time.


Location in space geometry, transformations, landmarks, geometric shapes (classification), squares and cubes. Plane figures, polygons, lines of symmetry, perpendicularity, parallelism, angles and their classification, circle, circle, cube, prism, cylinder. Location and placement in the plane and space. Constructive definition of rotation, a procedure to determine the image by a rotation. Proportionality. Cognitive domains (abilities and skills): Identify geometric shapes in the environment.

Recognize properties of figures. Sort figures by their properties. Recognize movement figures. Knowing the properties of geometric figures and use them to solve routine problems. Breaking down figures and rearrange the parts to make simple figures.

Scale (measurement domain) Use of measuring instruments, linear magnitude, length, weight (mass), monetary systems, choice and comparison units, estimation of measures, conventional and unconventional measures. Systems of units, length, weight, mass, area, volume, currency exchange, perimeter, angles. Cognitive domains (skills and abilities): Using instruments with linear or circular scales to measure length, weight, time and temperature in situations referred to it as a problem (eg a window size, weight of a package). Estimate length, area, weight and time in situations described as a problem (eg, height of a building, volume of a block of material). Calculate the areas and perimeters of squares and rectangles of given dimensions. Measurements and conversions situations referred to it as a problem (eg, time, temperature change, difference in height or weight). Processing of information collection and organization of information, creation of personal records, observation techniques, tables, bar charts. Resolution of problems involving the interpretation of data. Interpretation of data using tables and graphs. Graphical representation, average, most frequent value (mode), diagrams, tabulation, data collection. Cognitive domains (abilities and skills): Read data directly from tables, pictographs, bar graphs and pie charts. Represent data using tables, pictograms and bar charts. Compare and match different representations of the same data. Organize a set of data for one feature (eg, height, color, age, shape). Identification of domain variational regularities of the surrounding world and numeric patterns and geometric situations. Serializing Identifying regularities in the surrounding world and numerical and geometric situations. Seriation. Rule formation and terms of a numerical sequence cognitive domain (skills and abilities): Identify sequences and patterns of training Another aspect that needs to address the levels of cognitive performance. When we speak of cognitive performance we mean the fulfillment of what one should do in an area of knowledge in accordance with the requirements for it, okay, in this case, age and grade level achieved and when it comes to cognitive performance levels we refer to two closely interrelated aspects, the degree of complexity we want to measure the cognitive performance while the magnitude of learning achievements made in a given subject. There is talk of three levels of cognitive performance associated with the magnitude and uniqueness of the learning achievements attained by students in different subjects in the school curriculum: mathematics for levels cognitive performance was expressed as follows: Level I: At this level students who are considered capable of resolving reproductive eminently formal exercises (reading and writing numbers, order relations in the decimal system, recognize shapes and use algorithms usual routine), ie at this level are present those contents and skills that form the basis for understanding math, Level II. Problematic situations, which are

RDC Process

DEVELOPMENT radiology is an excellent technology for the development of the activities human beings, being indispensable instrument in varies areas of the human work as in hospitals, clinics, companies of photographic revelation among others, to put these institutions they produce residues photochemist that harm the environment respectively and the health of the community. It is demonstrated of utmost importance to search and to analyze the respective photochemist residues and its effluent ones, the process of radiogrfica revelation involves two basic agents, the revealer and the clamp, the revealer suffers irrelevant changes, but the clamp if very becomes dangerous when reacting with the film x-ray and if it contaminates with the silver, in virtue of this a treatment becomes necessary and a manuscript specialized and qualified of these you substantiate. As resolution CONAMA 20: ' ' The limit for discarding must be 0.1 mg/dl' '. In elapsing of radiological process the clamp accumulates silver on average 3g/l, what this very above of the recommendation proposal for the resolution of the CONAMA, therefore this material that possesss one high commercial value can be reaproveitado for other activities, beyond favoring for the preservation of the fauna, flora and humanity, therefore the ingested silver if represents damages due to its cumulative power. The discarding of the silver without any care or procedure is perceivable scientific technician, being this initiative opposes the effective ambient regulation, beyond the cited upheavals already. In accordance with article RDC 306/04 ANVISA: ' ' The revealers used in radiology can be submitted the neutralization process to reach pH between 7 and 9, being later launched in the collecting net of sewer or receiving body, since that they take care of the lines of direction established for the ambient agencies, managing of hdricos resources and sanitation competentes.' ' ' ' The used fixing in radiology can be submitted the process of recovery of the silver or then to be submitted to the constant of the item abaixo' ' ' ' The too much solid residues I contend metals heavy can be directed Aterro de Resduos Dangerous-Classroom I or to be submitted the treatment in accordance with the orientaes of the local agency of environment, in permitted installations for this end.