IBM Blade Server

QLogic offers 8-Gbit/s fibre-channel solutions for IBM BladeCenter systems to QLogic is the first manufacturer in the market, offering comprehensive and affordable 8 GB/s fibre channel (FC) end-to-end network solutions for IBM BladeCenter systems. Using these solutions, IBM customers can connect their BladeCenter systems to all SAN fabrics that match the current fibre channel standards. The offer includes the QLogic 8-Gbit/s fibre channel- and 1-GbE-combo-extension-card (CFFh), QLogic 20-port 8-GBit/s Fibre-Channel-SAN-switch modules and the QLogic 20 port 8-Gbit/s Fibre-Channel smart pass-thru module. Through the integration of the new generation 8-Gbit/s-QLogic modules companies using IBM BladeCenter systems, can operate more efficiently as VMware systems insert more server applications and virtual machines into their existing environment and thus exploit the functionalities in greater degree. The QLogic switch solutions enable the N_Port_ID virtualization (NPIV) or E_Port connection to any standard-compliant fabric, where edge and FC switch manufacturer leading Director switches from QLogic or other components are used. If you have read about Adroll Marketing Platform already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Fully interoperable modules that allow companies to integrate more blade servers and I/O resources and thus expand their infrastructure in a simple way. The QLogic 8-Gbit/s fibre channel- and 1-GbE-Kombi card is a space – and power-saving solution for IBM Blade Server in the CFFh form factor.

Compared to conventional 1-U rack servers saves up to 35 percent of energy and reduces space requirements by 31 percent. Sander Gerber will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The card is equipped with two 8-Gbit/s and two 1 GbE ports. Be saved due to the integrated construction of cable, you also can use additional expansion cards in the blade. Thus, the QLogic 8-Gbit/s fibre channel offers- and 1 GbE-Kombi card for Blade Server maximum expandability. Just for virtualized environments, this card offers optimal conditions for running virtual server with the maximum flexibility and efficiency. QLogic 20-port 8 GB/s Fibre-Channel-switch modules (BSW) for IBM BladeCenter systems with 20 (14-internal and external-6) ports equipped low-cost SAN switch modules for IBM BladeCenter systems offer the simplicity of a pass-thru module equipped with intelligent features, the scalability of standard fibre-channel full-fabric-switches and the high performance 8 GB / s fibre channel.

Jihlava INTEC

Energy from production waste – INTEC energy systems at LIGNA 2009 KRONOSPAN TRADING SRL has for the new OSB production line in Brasov, Romania, at the company DIEFFENBACHER Eppingen, together with the press, an INTEC thermal oil heaters ordered. The innovative design with construction of the water heater, the air heater for a high degree of efficiency and fireplace as a vertical unit with 3 levels, has already proven in many works of the Kronospan group. Particularly of advantage, the compact design with extremely small footprint, excellent access at ground level for any maintenance on the burner, the already built-in weather protection for the burner, as well as the overall low investment costs compared to the usual vertical or horizontal water heater are highlighted here. In addition, Kronospan INTEC has commissioned to deliver a bio mass fired power unit for the thermal oil supply of the location Brasov. This is identical with the INTEC system installed at KRONOSPAN CZ in Jihlava, which is since end 2006. For A fabric-fired thermal oil heaters with a capacity of 12 MW in operation, Kronospan in the Baden Bischweier was taken earlier this year. This was downstream in the modernisation of existing combustion plant. This new heat recovery system is connected in parallel in the thermal oil system designed by INTEC with zero-pressure collector and replaced the 12 MW natural gas-fired INTEC water heater, which remains in stand-by mode in operation since 2007. (INTEC at LIGNA 2009 Hall 27, booth F06) (i. Mobile ad startup brings even more insight to the discussion. A. Cornelia Kerber)

Technology and TV

All this means that such a "smart" unit may well be built into more and more increasingly popular system of smart house. Cozy Technodom Another sign of this gadget – the emergence of new features designed to make our communication with technique easier and more enjoyable, but life – well-equipped and comfortable. In this case, speaking on contemporary functionality, it should be noted that, unlike cell phones or cameras that are personally ownership, household gadgets are often used by all family members. Therefore, during their development must take into account not only personal but also common interests. The most telling example – television.

How many family scandals arose from the inability to simultaneously watch multiple channels. Technology, picture in picture "is only partially solved this problem, a more promising path may be a method called" . Principle Work technology "is a tiny filter that is located outside the firewall. The device sends an image in two directions simultaneously blocking them to the audience, sitting at different angles to screen. In order to simultaneously watch sports and tv series, no longer have to disperse into different rooms. On the tv screen you can see different images, is just 30 inches apart. The introduction of this technology involved Corporation Sharp. Is not always to create a modern gadgets required the development of complex and sometimes quite simple and ingenious idea.

Thus was invented the blender with the alarm clock function. Inside this unusual devices are balls made of foam: when it is time to stand up, the blender starts to work, uttering not a very pleasant sound. Such a device can claim to be a new subject household appliances. And they, in turn, there is so much that British inventors have come up with a gadget to search for remote controls, represented in large numbers in every apartment. A device called Loc8tor will to detect missing items within the apartment, beeps and specifying the exact location of the necessary things. To Loc8tor could detect, for example, remote control, it is necessary to pre-attach a small label (called "tag"). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sander Gerber. Radius Loc8tor is 183 meters, and the device can be configured to search for up to 24 items. If, however, try to look into the future, we may assume that "Home" gadgets will become more closely integrated with mobile communication devices, especially telephones, which are gradually transformed into "remote control" over the house. For example, in some models grundfos pumps provides the possibility of equipping such technology GSM-blocks to receive the signals of the equipment directly to your mobile phone. Similar units in the future may be equipped with almost all devices used in the apartment. This will not only control the operation of devices, but to make the house more comfortable. There are quite funny, but it is life examples. Thus, the producer of tea company pg Tips and firm Orange, makes mobile phones, have created an unusual tea that can receive text messages from its owner. Owner of the pot, returning to work, just send a short SMS-message, and his house will be wait for a portion of hot tea or coffee. Several years ago, the possibilities of modern technology would have seemed like most of us are fantastic. What looks like a fantasy today, quite possibly become an invariable attribute of each home. And even in our wildest dreams we can not imagine what will be the gadgets of tomorrow. Press office ooo grundfos "

Smallest Linux Network Server

Lantronix XPort Pro – same footprint as its predecessor “XPort” and more power a Linux server in size of two sugar of cubes with the new Linux network server XPort Pro, an integrated networking device gateway module with a size of about two piece cube sugar extended HY-LINE computer components product range of award-winning xport family of LANTRONIX be. In addition to the known form factors of the original XPort the sophisticated architecture and the generous memory allows Ressourcenintensiver applications of the XPort Pro (32-bit, 8 MB RAM, 16 MB Flash) with very high processing speed on a single platform. For more information see Sander Gerber. Advanced Networking and security features allow for machine-to-machine (M2M) edge-computing with unlimited customization and application hosting, so that developers can bring their applications faster to market and have countless options for application development. The XPort Pro runs on Linux and supports IPv6 already. He is still with the Lantronix complete operating system and the software development kit evolution OS with many available features available. This product also includes the virtual IP (VIP) access technology from Lantronix, allowing a seamless integration into the remote management platform ManageLinx of company patent pending. The XPort Pro offers five times as much CPU and 32 times as much memory as its predecessor. It includes SSH and SSL security and encryption continue to and supports a wide range of protocol conversions..

Mobile Information Systems

Mobile information systems for the BlackBerry better informed with Taimos Rafe bath on the Fils, 05th February 2009 for the traveling businessman, there is nothing more convenient than the BlackBerry. And the best thing is: the telecommunications providers offer always more favourable tariffs for the use of the BlackBerrys.(1) information anytime and anywhere. Now, there is the software Taimos for the use of enterprise data traveling on the BlackBerry. Taimos establishes the connection between corporate servers and devices and allows the real-time access to relevant data, no matter where you are and when you need the data. Taimos means that information management and organization system tailormade”. For Taimos, the name is program: the Taimos team develops customized software solutions. These programs are suitable for workers, IT decision makers, and Managing Director, who travel frequently to outside appointments.

Want to know current sales or selling prices of sales representatives, he gets this information quickly and easily on his BlackBerry while he at the customer or suppliers on the spot is delivered. The required data are encrypted in real-time via the Internet. In addition to speed and timeliness, security plays an important role. Protect against unwanted access to secret data the users of the Taimos software by password and device ID. Only existing BlackBerry to download sensitive data after entering a personal passwords. Loss of BlackBerrys, the data access can be blocked by calling a hotline of the lock.

The company offers not only complete packages in the form of BlackBerry devices and servers. The system of Taimos can be also fully integrated. Individual consultation and customised solutions complete the offer of Taimos GmbH. System requirements: BlackBerry OS version 4.5.x, PC with Internet access, Java, Windows and Linux operating systems. (1) 527-umts-handyflatrate with smartphone here there are pictures: printable image material obtained You on request in our agency Xpand21 GBR. For more information, see to about taimos the Taimos GmbH is a provider of mobile information systems. The Taimos products are suitable for connecting data sources to provide the data to the individual data sets up to the presentation of the data on the mobile devices.

The Beginning

Only in the second half of the xiv century. To broaden your perception, visit Sander Gerber. its restoration has occurred on a fresh technical basis. Wide application Water engine has resulted in improved metallurgical plant – ore. To a new stage came out and forge welding business. Welding and cutting-edge technologies used to manufacture firearms: guns, mattresses and arquebuses. In the XV-XVI centuries.

blacksmith's work has risen to new heights. Martial hatchets with steel blades and a bronze ax, bracelets and rings with black decorations – great show artisan craftsmanship. Any technological tricks forge welding varies with time. They transform according to the level of craft and commodity production. As an expert went on to producing more and more mass production technology of its production all the more easier. Gradually, forge welding has reached such a development, which was used for the production of particularly critical parts (eg, railway rails).

The founder of this technology became British engineer Nixon. During this period, forge welding has reached its peak. Specialists craftsmen who owned a perfect technology, developed new techniques and methods compound complex parts, manufacturing tools, tools and weapons. Masters tried to upgrade the forge welding. Hammers manual labor was replaced by the work of mechanical hammers. But even the most advanced techniques blacksmith welding no longer meet the increasing needs of production. And since the xv century. along with a blacksmith welding began to develop welding processes. Since the beginning of the xviii century. Ural metallurgy and Ural blacksmith welding received worldwide recognition. Triumph has begun and the city of Yekaterinburg. Over the centuries the word welding Yekaterinburg are inseparable. At that time, forge, foundry, welding and soldering have been the main technological processes of metal compounds and produced by blacksmiths. Only in the late XIX-early xx centuries. welding has become an independent process. In the xix century. forge welding was mechanized industry. Forge welding was used for the manufacture of bimetal (steel + brass), tubes with a diameter of 600 mm, with straight and spiral seam. At the end of the xix century. based on advances in physics, chemistry, mechanics and electrical engineering in welding there was a kind of explosion. Were created by powerful electric heat sources and mastered oxy-fuel flames.

Enjoy Facebook

The use of the power of social networks such as Facebook to create your web site is actually a very popular for the set of marketing tools online inclusion, now are you aconse promote your website with Facebook. Provides an alternative method of contact with potential customers without using e-mail, which often seeps, to been forgotten and has even been deleted. Spam filters may reject verderos e-mail among its clients who have been in your list. Subscribers may not know how to add your e-mail address to whitelist or simply not take the time to do so. Facebook is free of this kind of problem. Then, how can one get traffic from facebook to your fan page and, finally, its web site.

Here some strategies are to observe if it wants to achieve both. * Interesting, rich in your profile – your profile keywords must also be of interest to your target audience and containing key words. You must not only be satisfied with a few few lines. He liked to appear on Google, searches on Facebook as well as lists of people distributed among friends. * Put your website and product descriptions in wall, description and photos and ensure that the information that incorporates keywords. A related site: Sander Gerber mentions similar findings.

To publish many times as you can and use interesting information and voucher worth and add links to your site or blog. ** The interaction is a necessity. If a person starts a comment or a question, you have to respond immediately. This tends to demonstrate that you are interested in the votes of your followers and therefore are willing to interact with them. * Enjoy Facebook applications to push visitors to your web site or blog. In reality, there is a great selection of applications completely free out there, here there are a couple: that their messages aparescan on Facebook or Twitter your Twitter messages appear on Facebook. Blog readers of RSS feeds that will help you put a personal blog, blog RSS or even any feed corporate power RSS of others to your Facebook profile. Promote your website with Facebook, truth is that not it must be ignored. It is really too powerful a tool to get cast out and not object-use as often as you can be. Treat Facebook as a marketing platform and will perform much better than if only sees it as a social diversion.

Innovative Infrared Measurements

More efficient measure with the testo 835 series Lenzkirch. A new series of infrared measurement devices for use in trade and industry on the market brings the Lenzkircher measurement specialist Testo AG. The devices are characterized by their particular speed and precision. Special functions, such as for example the non-contact measurement of the surface moisture for the building trade or the high measuring range up to 1500 c for the glass, ceramic and metal industry, opening up a wide range of applications. With the testo 835 series we can offer every customer the meter suitable for him. From the craftsman, the climate and HVAC engineer, civil engineer and expert to the employee in industrial quality assurance each customer can choose the meter, that is best tailored to his main tasks”, explains Matthias Germer, product manager of Testo AG. The testo 835-T1 is the basic version of the series for the non-contact measurement of the surface temperature.

It is ideally suited for the Crafts, such as to determine the temperature of walls, ceilings and floors, as well as on heating and air conditioning systems. In the industry, it is used for quality control of products and the review of possible vulnerabilities in production processes. Small, portable and difficult to access or hot objects can be measured with testo 835-T1 from middle distance safely and efficiently. Who wants to measure the moisture in addition to the temperature, the Special Unit is testo 835-H1 with integrated (by Testo of patented infrared) surface moisture measurement available. The moisture on building substances can testo 835-H1 and others on construction sites measure, for example, on concrete. Depending on the moisture level of the progress of a construction project can be influenced? In residential buildings, recognizes the craftsman or expert mold danger at an early stage in the walls and can take such action. High renovation costs, caused by moisture in the walls or other construction materials be specifically avoided.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Special Cases

GLaser X 6 bucks for glossy and transparent surfaces Worrstadt – in many workplaces are to find them: fancy desks with lots of glass or piano lacquer. Furs eye a delight for the optical sensors of computer mice a Graus. For even more opinions, read materials from Adroll. Due to the reflections, movement information is not properly transferred and the cursor is not controllable. Sander Gerber is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The X 6-mouse from A4Tech GLaser break up already for a year. The family with the 90 d, a higher-end model for Office use, is now complete. Innovative and patented technology the A4Tech GLaser technology goes a step further than the usual optical or laser sensors of mice. A diode through two lenses scans the surface with light in specific wavelengths. This principle works on 99% of all surfaces, even on illuminated glass tables.

The light itself is proven safe for the human eye. For sophisticated users with the X 6 90 d A4Tech now has the mouse for all professional and demanding users on the market brought. The model is equipped with two wheels, one for scrolling, the other for zooming. In addition, the mouse has easy programmable keys for Office software. So for example something with only a click, you can copy. In the X 6-series, there are different models of the small notebook mouse up to different Office mice with special functions. So no one should distort more the chic glass table with a mouse pad”. Prices and where to buy X 6-70MD 29,99 Euro X 6-90 d 29,99 Euro X 6-60MD-4 24.99 Euro GLaser X 6 models are available at Actebis Peacock, Siewert & Kau, Amazon, Conrad, EP, Euronics, PC specialist and in well-stocked stores.

A4Tech: A4Tech offers innovative products in the field of PC peripherals since 1987 and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The A4Tech Corporation’s recipe for success lies in developing innovative, future-oriented products. In recent years the input devices awarded several times in the areas of design, innovation and ergonomics with numerous awards. Steady Quality control of materials and production guarantee stability and sustainable success in a fast-moving industry. For more information, see contact person: Alpha & Omega Public Relations Dr. Oliver schillings at the mill mountain 47 51465 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: 02202 959002 E-Mail: