Pacific Partnership

The President stressed that such an agreement is compliant with its modular, to expand bilateral economic exchanges. “This measure also lays the groundwork for Taiwan, to join trade pacts, such as, for example, the trans-Pacific Partnership” and the regional comprehensive economic partnership “. Regarding regional security, MA confirmed, that the peace initiative in the East China a functional means constitutes sea, to the disputes to peacefully solve the Diaoyutai Islands. Despite the rock-solid attitude of the Government of the Republic of China with regard to the sovereignty of the Diaoyutai Islands, Ma pointed out, that there are many ways to divide the region’s natural resources. It allows new ways to search for Taiwan to reduce tensions and the conflict over this matter that four decades have not been found since the last to act, the commitment by the Government of the Republic of China, as the region’s peacemaker. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Thiel. By President of Ma five points proposed on August 5, 2012 Initiative calls on all parties to refrain from antagonistic actions; the dialog not to cancel; international law to observe; Disputes through peaceful measures to solve; and a mechanism to create, to explore resources on a cooperative basis and to develop. The initiative proposes that Taiwan, Japan and mainland China have bilateral discussions before they go over to trilateral negotiations and find a consensus for the resolution of disputes.

The Taiwanese Japanese fisheries Pact, which came into force on May 10, serves as a good example of the spirit of the peace initiative in the East China Sea. Taiwan wishing to continue on an extension of the fishery Pact on other areas of mutual interest, communicating with Tokyo. Together with a similar pact between Tokyo and Beijing, the agreement has laid a foundation for three-way talks on fishing rights and the development of natural resources in the region. It is hoped that all parties disputes on can put in a pragmatic manner and increase the cooperation, to transform the East China Sea into a region of peace and cooperation. Regarding the latest diplomatic dispute between Taipei and Manila over the deadly shelling of the Taiwanese fisherman, Hong Shi-cheng, during an attack by a Philippine Government boat in overlapping exclusive economic zones of both countries, President Ma said that the Japanese Taiwanese fisheries Pact as a good example for Taiwan and the Philippines serve as soon as possible with fisheries talks to start, to avoid similar incidents in the future. Necessary investigations are now complete, and you hope on an end of the conflict, to normalize bilateral relations again.