The presentation layer: One of the aspects of the site to be be taken to consider a promotion strategy is the presentation layer. The presentation layer developed in the wrong way you can tear the Web site. Navigation should be simple, clearly labeled buttons and links, the user should always be able to return to the home from all pages, a site map can be useful for visitors and robots. The presentation will also be part of your strategy, but remember you always depending on the balance between what your visitors are and what you need to be indexed in search engines. Promotion and Optimization: Once your site is already published only just starting if you do not promote in search engines and potential customers your chances of success are slim. Today, success depends directly on the promotion, some ideas are: to google adword campaigns, banner, direct mail advertising, links, etc. and of course always have the possibility of hiring professionals to do all the work for you. The same happens with the process optimization, Web sites as I have said above should always be prepared for search engines as these are going to be an endless supply of visits which can be converted to buyers within the optimization, we find two cases where we believe the site from the beginning where we can manipulate the content and guide you to the search we need and if the site already created in this case is known as conversion optimization we seek to analyze the site based on what already have and make the necessary changes so that these visitors are turning into potential buyers, remember that you only have six seconds to convince your visitors that traverse the site..